Our Teen Acne Solutions

Our Teen Acne Solutions

This is not a sponsored post — I wish! This is real life.

I was shocked to see my teen daughter’s medicine cabinet the other day. It looks like a Sephora store. It’s true that PickyKidPix, now 14 years old, is obsessed about skin care. She’s watched beauty YouTubers for a zillion hours. She has asked for acne starter kits from her relatives for birthday and Christmas gifts for the past two years.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

She’s also a bit of a hypochondriac. If she has the slightest rash on her face, she demands to go to the dermatologist. Once, I caved and actually took her. It was the fastest dermatologist appointment on the planet, with our nice derm trying to stifle a smile.

Suffice it to say, that most of these skin care beauty products are hers. Both my teen daughters have combination skin, with an oily T zone. They get mild to moderate acne depending on a monthly cycle. They both handle it very, very differently though.

Grasshopper and Sensei, now 16 years old, is a little too low maintenance. I tried Proactiv’s X Out for her because it was just one step she could use in the shower. She didn’t like the medicinal odor so she refused to use it. I wanted to prevent acne scarring, so I finally came up with a low maintenance solution for her that is working beautifully.

Low maintenance teen acne solution STEP 1:

Use Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser with the Clarisonic in the shower once daily.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Low maintenance teen acne solution STEP 2: Spot treat with drugstore benzoyl peroxide gel.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

PickyKidPix has tried EVERYTHING. Her issue is that each acne regime works beautifully for one month during which her skin looks great. But it stops working after that. Her skin is a little more delicate and prone to dryness than her sister’s but both have combination, T zone skin.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Many of the face washes were too drying for her skin.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Even Proactiv did not work for her.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Our Teen Acne Solutions

She tried Aesop, Clinique, Kate Somerville, and Fresh skin care lines. She is religious about using spot treatments at night including Mario Badescu. Her pediatrician at her last check up told her that her 7-9 step acne program was not working. He let her try one final product line. If that failed, he wanted to prescribe acne medication for her.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Our Teen Acne Solutions

(I personally have tried the Fresh and Proactiv products and I think they work great for adult acne.)

PickyKidPix found the perfect acne solution for her particular needs. It’s called Curology and it’s like Proactiv but with a dermatologist in the mix that you can constantly bug consult who will adjust your monthly products. Their website lets you upload photos of your skin, and a dermatologist assigned to your region gets back to you in a timely manner.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Does my daughter consult with her Curology dermatologist? Oh yes, she does! I get my money’s worth right there. She showed me her account and they are practically besties! She sends in photos several times a month, on average. Her formulation has been adjusted accordingly, and her skin has finally cleared up.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

Finally, my hair stylist at Safar in Boston just created a new line of handmade, all natural organic products for hypersensitive skin. For my girls, she developed a face oil for acne that balances the skin. PickyKidPix got into a downward spiral of blasting her skin with acne products which dried it out, causing her skin to produce more oil which resulted in acne. Both my girls tried the face oil and said that it really worked. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling either. Her line is called Joli Savons. Balance Face Oil for Acne is $30 for a one ounce bottle.

Joli Savons Balance Face Oil for Acne Prone Skin

p.s. PickyKidPix also has a Foreo, which is like a cheaper version of the Clarisonic. She likes it. She has an extra head to use the Clarisonic but doesn’t seem to use it.

Our product recommendations:

Clarisonic, $99

Kiehl's Blue Herbal Cleanser

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Cleanser, $21


Clean and Clear 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel, $5


Curology, $19.95 per month.

Joli Savons Balance Face Oil for Acne Prone Skin

Joli Savons Balance Face Oil for Acne, $30.

 To examine any item more closely, please click on image. Some are items at Amazon, but a few are not.

Our Teen Acne Solutions

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. We walked into the drugstore when my second daughter saw her first acne (age 12.) Asked the pharmacist lady what she’d recommend. She said “Witch hazel.” That worked perfectly and within 24 hours. Amazing!

    Later her friend recommended Clearasil pads. She uses both and it’s working. I personally can’t imagine spending subscription $$ and lots of time and energy on acne stuff; happy to know other options are out there should things change. Thanks!


  2. giora

    I had acne many years ago. I see on YouTube many videos to solve this problem with homemade solution, like using … Lemon, Tomatoes ect. Maybe your daughter can watch these videos and also make her own when she finds the perfect way to get rid of acne. But I understand why she is occupied with this. Lots of pressure on teenager girls to look great.

  3. They have an arsenal of products. Teens years are so tough when it comes to acne. Feel for them both. I still have a T-zone area and I’m 65. Didn’t realize that a dry face caused more oil.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…The Mask that Sang by Susan CurrieMy Profile

  4. Andrea W.

    Thanks, this was informative! My 15-yr-old son is well on his way to amassing a collection like your daughters’. The Curology line looks interesting — will have to check it out.

  5. Intriguing! My acne has been worse as an adult than it ever was as a teen.
    maryanne recently posted…How to Decide How Much Life Insurance You NeedMy Profile

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