STEM Toy Gift Guide

STEM Toy Gift Guide

With my son as a guinea pig, we’ve been busy testing STEM toys to discover his favorites.

STEM Toy Gift Guide

DIY Electro Dough Kit

This is, hands down, our favorite kit. Note that the kit has everything that you need EXCEPT for the playdoh. Purchase that seperately — you don’t need much — or make your own. You can use this kit over and over again too. At $30, it’s well priced.

DIY Electro Dough Kit STEM toy for kids

Venus Fly Trap Plant

This kit includes everything you need to assemble a successful terrarium for your Venus Fly Trap. You get a 2 inch plant, a five inch globe terrarium, and the soil. The kit is $22. Pair with a book to learn more about the fascinating Venus Fly Trap!

Ozobot: STEM Robotic Toy Using Markers

This is a fun STEM robotic toys that teaches kids the principles of programming — that is just patterns — using colored markers! And it’s fun too! The kit comes with a small robot that can be decorated, along with sheets, stickers and washable markers to create paths for the Ozobot. Different patterns will make the Ozobot do different things. This is a creative and fun STEM toys for boys and girls, ages 6 and up. The Ozobot kits start at $49.

STEM TOY: Ozobot (robotics using markers)

ARCKIT: Architectural STEM Toy for Kids

There are several versions of the ARCKIT at different price points. This is a freeform model making system that does not require glue, yet it lets you design, build and modify these really cool modern houses by snapping pieces together. It requires good fine motor skills and I’d recommend for ages 10 and up. The kits start at $69.

ARCKIT: Architecture Design Toy for Kids

DIY STEM Paper Circuits: A Light Up Card Project

This is a DIY project that will likely require you to purchase some items it is NOT a kit that you purchase. All the links are in the post. It’s for ages 8 and up and requires good fine motor skill and help from an adult. This post on Making an Easy Pop-Up Card goes with the project.

Zoomer Dino Toy: A Fun Toy for Dinosaur Fans

My son still plays with this remote controlled dinosaur toy years later. The toy moves like a T-Rex would and it’s great for dinosaur fans. Add a dinosaur book or two to up the STEM learning. The Zoomer Dino toy ranges from $30-$90 depending on the model.

Sphero: A Remote Controlled Sphere That Your Kids Can Program

My kids liked using the app to control the Sphero but they didn’t actually do the programming portion. It’s a fun toy. At about $100, I’d gift to kids who are more likely to want to program it.

sphero STEM toy for kids to program

DIY Gamer Kit STEM Toy

My son is a serious gamer but we had mixed results with this kit. It took two attempts to assemble it correctly and the programming portion wasn’t that easy to figure out so my son skipped that. Perhaps he was too young when he tried it. I’d recommend for ages 12 and up. It’s $80 for the kit.

Lux Blok STEM Free Form Building Toy

The Lux Blok are a versatile building set that allows structures that can flex, twist, bend, turn, curve, and move. It’s because uses just one snap piece that comes in several colors that allows connection attachments including rubber bands, popsicle sticks, straws, and connection sticks. An 80 piece set is $29. We tried the 200 piece set for $69.

LUX Blox STEM Building Toy

Cubetto: Coding for Preschoolers

Cubetto is a Montessori approved wooden toy that teaches preschoolers to code by using wooden block pieces to create code that a wooden block robot will then execute. It’s very intuitive way to introduce computer programming to very young children.

Cubetto: Coding Toy for Preschoolers!

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STEM Toy Gift Guide

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