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I Appreciate You: 5th Grade Student Gift Idea

My kids had the same 5th grade teacher. One lovely tradition is this I Appreciate You Because … certificate that each student fills out for their classmates. Grasshopper and Sensei and PickyKidPix have one; here’s my son. I can’t believe that he graduated from 5th grade already!
I Appreciate You: 5th Grade Student Gift Idea

I was also thinking that this would make a lovely gift for anyone:

  • colleague departing at work
  • birthday gift (for my mom who is about to turn 90!). Must think of way to do this will all party guests!
  • for any grade as a graduation gift from preschool to high school
  • a classroom gift to a teacher
  • a gift to a coach

I Appreciate You: 5th Grade Student Gift Idea

I appreciate you because …

You’re funny and you like to take risks and try new things.

You always help me if I am unsure of a question in my classwork.

You always do your best work and include everybody.

You are nice, thoughtful, and go with the flow.

You are very creative.

You are easy to do anything with.

You help me out in math class when I’m stuck.

I love the way you are always so interested in the things I am into and I have someone to share with.

You are always ready to face a difficult challenge with pride.

You care about each and every soul in the this classroom.

You even how about how your stickers are treated.

It’s comforting to know someone cares.

You are very mature and you are fun to talk to.

You always know when to crack a joke.

You are always ready to be anyone’s partner.

You gave me your four square ball.

You’re a great father, John Pinkney.

It is like your smile is permanently glued to your face.

You are always happy.

You are fun to play with and you are super intelligent.


How would you use an I Appreciate You list? Please share your ideas for I Appreciate You Gift Ideas! Thank you!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Also great to give when someone is going through a tough time! This is a great idea.
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