10 Places to Take Your Children for a Hands-On Learning Experience

10 Places to Take Your Children for a Hands-On Learning Experience

Taking your children on vacation with you can be a rewarding experience. While you and your family make new memories, your kids can benefit from travel with an additional understanding of culture, history, and the way people live. Here are 10 great destinations that allow your kids to gain more through hands-on learning.

1. London, Great Britain
London is a great place to start with any child who is fascinated with history and architecture. Within the city limits are plenty of sites that give your child a glimpse into history. Start with the iconic Westminster Abbey, and give your kids a front row seat in learning about the history of the British monarchy. Then, spend some time learning about the history at the Tower of London. Kids will be fascinated with the stories of kings and queens and betrayal.

2. Tuscany, Italy
Another great place to take the kids for some hands-on learning is the charming Tuscany region of Italy. Here, schedule a few cooking classes for your kids so they can fully embrace the unique spirit of the area. Kids can learn how to make pasta from scratch, or they can work on their pizza making technique. In between cooking classes, you can tour the many medieval villages along the countryside and learn even more about the past.
3. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
If you want to bring a little bit of ecology and evolution history to your child’s mind, try visiting the elusive Galapagos Islands off of the coast of Ecuador. This unique part of the world is host to a variety of unusual animal species. Let your children get closer to nature and understand the world of Charles Darwin with a visit here.

4. Bavaria, Germany
Reading a heavy tome of Grimm’s fairy tales to your child every night can help them dream about faraway lands, magical creatures, and incredible castles. Take your child’s love of fairy tales even further by visiting the former stomping ground of the Brothers Grimm, Bavaria Germany. You can follow the footsteps of the brothers and see the origins of some of the most loved fairy stories.

5. Boatswain Beach, Grand Cayman
Children who have an affinity for sea animals may be thrilled at the chance to study creatures like sea turtles up close. You and your child could embark on an aquatic adventure at the Boatswain Beach Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman. You and your family could spend a fun week in the Caribbean while also enriching your minds. Watch your kids contribute to the conservation of these remarkable creatures.

6. Loire Valley, France
Travel back in time with your family by visiting some of the famous prehistoric sites in France’s Loire Valley. In between visits to the stunning French chateaus, learn about early man and his relationship with the land in some of the cave sites that date back tens of thousands of years ago. See cave paintings and other artifacts that demonstrate what life was like during the time period.

7. Williamsburg, Virginia
Children who are studying American history and colonial times would be best enriched by a visit to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. This living history museum offers families a glimpse of how life was right at the cusp of the American revolution. Children can experience visiting an authentic colonial town complete with restaurants and shops that showcase different experiences of the citizens.

8. Washington, DC
Everyone should be able to get a chance to visit the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Students can witness the legislative process, tour the White House, and see other institutions of American government, like the Supreme Court. Additionally, the capital has the amazing resource of free museums offered by the Smithsonian Institute, which cover natural history, American history, aviation, art, and much more.

9. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
For a better understanding of the Mayan people from long ago, your family should spend time in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. There are a variety of interesting Mayan ruins to explore and learn about together. Additionally, the convenient resorts, like offerings from royal holiday, along the gorgeous Riviera Maya beaches allow everyone in the family to have the vacation of their dreams, even while they learn something new.

10. The Serengeti, Tanzania
The last type of learning vacation offers your family a truly wild experience. Instead of simply going to your local zoo to learn about the wild animals of Africa, why not see them in their real, natural habitat. You can book your own customized safari tour of the Serengeti and see these beautiful animals in an even more intimate way. Get a unique look at lions, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and more in a real live safari tour in Tanzania.

10 Places to Take Your Children for a Hands-On Learning Experience

Your child’s education can be enhanced with enriching experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. Take your child out into the world and explore it together with engaging and challenging hands-on experiences to give a new way to see history, biology, and other subjects together.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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