Maker Space STEAM: 3D Printing Camp

Maker Space STEAM: 3D Printing Camp

PickyKidPix joined her brother at computer camp this summer. This was her first introduction to the computer camp that he has been going to for the past three years. They picked 3D Printing this year which struck me as the perfect partnership of ART in STEM or STEAM.

3d Printing Camp is Art in STEM

PickyKidPix, now 14 years old, would be the first to tell you that she doesn’t think of herself as arty (more crafty), nor computer science oriented although she does like math and science. She called this camp nerd camp and we wondered how she would fare since she wasn’t able to get any of her friends to join her.

how to get girls interested in STEM and STEAM

It turns out that she does have an interest in Industrial Design. All her designs were practical applications of 3D printing. She made dog tags for her dog because she has long complained that the current dog tag is inadequate. She attempted to design retainer cases which took the 3D printer 7 hours to print (each), and were all failures.

3D printing camp projects

She was pleased with her design for organizing her ear buds and also for a toothpaste squeezer that she found on the internet and recreated using the 3D software. All in all, the week at iD Tech camp wasn’t active enough for her, but it ended up being a great experience.

3D printing camp projects

My 11 year old son went with a gaggle of friends and delights in this week of all day screen time. He would consider himself arty and computer-y so this was the perfect blend of STEAM for him. In years past, he did Minecraft, Minecraft Mods, and Minecraft with Java. He liked them all but he said that 3D printing was his favorite class so far.

Why 3d printing camp is perfect STEM activity


STEAM Manifesto: The Art in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

I was thrilled to meet Paul Reynolds, twin brother of Peter H Reynolds of Fablevision at a Charlesbridge Publishing event. His new series with his brother is a picture book series meant to get first and second graders interested in STEM/STEAM. Here he talks about how STEAM came about … and he and his brother were at the forefront in this concept.

I raised my hand during the Q & A session and suggested that 3D printing was the perfect application of Art in STEM for educators to perhaps introduce in schools. Paul agreed. For schools that don’t have the funds to buy at 3D printer, Fablevision has a paper version of it available for a monthly subscription price that makes 3D printing in reach of most schools. It’s perfect for schools or libraries who want to set up a 3D Maker space.

Discover Fab@School Maker Studio, an easy way to engage young engineers!

Maker Studio offers a unique on-ramp to making with cross-curricular activities from simple to sophisticated. Maker Studio supports a variety of materials and a range of tools from scissors to inexpensive 2D cutters, 3D printers, and laser cutters – all with a single tool. Beginning with paper, cardstock, and cardboard, Maker Studio provides an accessible, low-cost way to imagine, design, invent, and fabricate 2D designs, pop-ups, and 3D projects like geometric constructions and working machines. Maker Studio is part of the national Fab@School research initiative and is committed to championing equity and access to quality maker education.

My Son’s Experience at iD Tech Camp, 3D Printing

3d Printing Camp STEM versus STEAM

iD Tech Camp does a certificate presentation during the Showcase on the last day of camp. This is my son’s counselor and some of his 3D printing projects.

How about you? What STEM or STEAM activities are your kids enjoying? Thanks for sharing!

Maker Space STEAM: 3D Printing Camp

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Amazing technology….Your son and daughter are lucky to have parents who encouraged this experience.

  2. 3D Printing is awesome! I know that you can buy cheap DIY kits from PrintrBot (we built one in a club once!)
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  3. Emma has been campaigning for a 3D printer, and so far two of my brothers and one of my sisters (and by extension most of her cousins) have one. Still waiting for the technology to evolve a bit more (or the prices on the top printers to come down).
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  4. This is really cool! It’s great your son got to experience and work with this cool technology. Hopefully one day it’ll be in all of our homes and we can create like this all the time.

  5. Wow this is so cool that there is a tech camp! 3d printers are great for creativity and out of the box thinking. Its a very good tool for children to learn. Cool prints! thanks for the article

  6. Oh i also wanted to say i might make the toothpaste squeezer that just seems smart. I have had trouble before getting it all out with my hand. thanks again!
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