boarding school benefits

Common Benefits of Boarding Schools to Consider for Your Family

Depending on your background (and the movies you’ve watched or books you’ve read over the years), you may love the idea of boarding schools or think that they are just a parent’s excuse to get rid of their children for most months of the year.

However, no matter your stance, there are a variety of benefits to be had in sending children to schools away from home. These are all well worth considering if you’re thinking about your child’s education today. Read on for some common pros of boarding schools you should keep in mind when weighing up the options.

boarding school benefits

A New Start

For some teenagers, getting away from their current environment through attending a boarding school can be just the thing they need to enjoy a new, healthier school life. Sometimes kids can become unsettled, angry, depressed or otherwise troubled by their current circumstances, through things like a negative circle of friends, bad reputation at school, difficult teachers, or lots of fighting with their parents.
Going away to boarding school can help provide just the change that is needed to get teens in a better frame of mind and/or to start the healing process. For many children, having the chance to start over at a brand-new high school can do wonders for their confidence, relationships, and academic success.

A Stable Environment

Similarly, attending a boarding school can also provide children with a more stable environment than they currently have at home or school. Many troubled teens, in particular, thrive once they get into a boarding school because these venues operate under set codes of conduct.

Check out Utah boarding schools for troubled youth, as well as similar institutions found around the country, and you’ll find that they typically provide consistent living arrangements, and have a clear set of rules and consequences for breaking these rules. Such schools also provide plenty of supervision, and have a safe atmosphere with trained professionals who understand the types of mental, emotional or physical issues that students might be dealing with.

Opportunity for Better Schooling

For many families who live in small or isolated communities, the choice of education is very limited. As a result, sending children off to a boarding school can allow parents to give them access to better schooling opportunities.

Boarding schools, with their larger budgets, often have better and more extensive facilities than those found in regional areas, as well as more highly-qualified teachers, great resources in the classroom, more specialized programs, and so on. They also tend to have smaller class sizes, which enables each student to receive more personalized assistance throughout their studies.

Furthermore, some parents want to give their children the chance to attend a secondary school that is in a country or area where the student may later go to university, or have the best chance of finding a job. By beginning their studies at a high school in this type of community, children have the chance to settle in to an area and build contacts and knowledge earlier on.

Access to Professional Assistance

Boarding schools, especially those which specialize in helping troubled youth, are also the perfect place for children to receive professional assistance, either one-on-one or in groups. At these types of schools students can receive regular attention from doctors, counsellors, supervisors and other practitioners who are specialists in their fields. These people can help children to resolve issues and set up positive new ways of living and learning for the future.

benefits of boarding school

Ability to Pursue Passions

In addition, many boarding schools also employ top-level teachers, trainers and other specialists who can really help students to pursue their passions and hone their skills in areas such as music, art, writing, athletics, chess, debating, drama, science, and more. You’ll find that most boarding schools have a large focus on extracurricular activities, but that they also help children to integrate these interests into their overall school life, without it affecting their academic performance.

Increased Independence and Social Skills

Lastly, going away to a boarding school enables many children to develop their social skills and to increase their independence. Children learn to do a lot of things by themselves and often mature more quickly when they don’t have their parents there to help (or perhaps spoil!) them. Students away from home must learn how to manage their workloads, for instance, as well as how to interact with a broad range of adults and children from different backgrounds.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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