MY CAR DOES WHAT for New Drivers #DashboardBlitz

MY CAR DOES WHAT for New Drivers #DashboardBlitz

Grasshopper and Sensei is now old enough to drive but it scares her. She sometimes gets the gas pedal confused with the brake. That’s scary for both of us!

learning to drive

Her younger sister, PickyPidPix, is always trying to get us to let her drive the car. She’s only 14 years old though and likes to practice by driving a golf cart.

MY CAR DOES WHAT for New Drivers #DashboardBlitz

Their younger brother, 11 years old, thinks he can drive because of the Mario Cart experience he has from gaming. Turns out that video games are very different from the real thing!

Three kids. Three very different attitudes towards cars and driving. All of them can benefit by learning about how a car works, including safety features to be aware of. My Car Does What is a simple guide to your vehicle’s safety features. This site is a fun way to educate drivers 18+ that may have or want to have these safety features in their vehicles.

My Car Does What?

It also has a game to learn about car safety called Dashboard Blitz! The game is fun and informative for adults and kids. You can download here for FREE: iOS and Android.

My Car Does What? Dashboard Blitz

PickyKidPix asks me the most questions about cars and driving. She’s really into cars, particularly high end models that she wants to own one day. She also likes to know about road rules like who has the right of way in an intersection.

When we played Dashboard Blitz, she knew all about the latest in car safety technology including: back-up camera (which my car has), blind spot detection (which my car does not have), ABS brakes (which my car has), automatic emergency braking (which my car does not have), tire pressure monitoring system (which my car has) and lane-departure warning (which my car does not have).

My Car Does What?

The game is fun and informative for adults and kids. In the case of PickyKidPix, she’s added more features to her wish list for her first car which she is currently saving her money for.

Want to learn more about car safety technologies such as back-up cameras and blind spot monitors? Check out My Car Does What and their free app, Dashboard Blitz.

Know more. Drive safer. We can use that.

MY CAR DOES WHAT for New Drivers #DashboardBlitz

This is a sponsored post on behalf of SheSavvy, The University of Iowa,  and The National Safety Council to make a public service announcement about “My Car Does What”.  The National Safety Council is a 501 nonprofit, nongovernmental public service organization promoting health and safety in the United States of America. My opinions, as always, are my own. 

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Thanks, Mia! This is great to know about! I have a 14 year old too, but she’ll be 16 before I know it. (She’s already said that she’ll probably drive more like me, than like my husband 😉 )

  2. I am okay with driving – I see it as a necessity, but I am also pretty overly-cautious. (golf carts are fun though!) 🙂 It looks like a good program.
    Erik – TKRB recently posted…Review! Leaf and Echo Peak by Jo MarshallMy Profile

  3. This sounds like an awesome program for new drivers! It’s so important to make sure your child knows everything there is to know about practicing safety behind the wheel. It will make you both feel much more at ease! Very nice post! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Dennis L. Ward

    For a safety car ride we should maintain the safe-driving rules of the road right from the start.

    Thanks for your post.

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