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16 thoughts on “More 5th Grade Books from a 5th Grade Boy (my son)

  1. This is a great list! Now I want to read Julius Zebra. The cover looks funny, but I wasn’t totally convinced until I read your thoughts on the book.

    And congrats on being encouraging with your 5th grade son towards reading. There are so many television shows, video games, internet distractions and more that might tempt a kid away from reading. The persistent, but gentle, not pushy approach that you’re taking seems the right way to go about reinforcing good reading habits..

    1. Hi Sarah,
      It’s so hard to get him off screens, that’s for sure. He does love bedtime reading. It’s our time to snuggle and read together. I wish he’d read during the day though!

    1. Hi Mother of 3,
      We are huge fans of Hero’s Guide books too. We just finished that last one and I was sort of panicking about what to read next. We read BOOKED and now we’re reading NERD CAMP.

  2. Hi! I REALLY wish your son would read my book! I’m a teacher and a mom and my 4th to 6th grade students really liked my book. There’s a hero they can relate to, plus it takes place at the beach and in Yosemite…two places they LOVE. You can find it on Amazon and you’ll love the price!
    JG’s by M.D.Marrone

        1. 🙂 He’s at tough sell though I just got him to read You Can Fly: The Tuskegee Airmen, a novel in verse by Carole Boston Weatherford. He really liked it and it was so eye opening to see the vast amount of structural racism that African Americans faced (and still face).

  3. It is hard to get much of a review from tween/teen boys, isn’t it? I try to get my son to write me a short review to add to my own when we read the same books, but the best I can get is 2 or 3 sentences 😉

    I just wanted to point out that Loki’s Wolves came out a couple of years before Riordan’s Magnus Chase, but I agree with you about preferring Magnus Chase as it’s longer so better developed characters and story, and I like his humor.

    Have you seen Red Sun by Alane Adams? It’s also a Norse mythology based fantasy/adventure, though not the same style as the other two. I didn’t like it as well, but my son thought it was better than Magnus Chase (I think length had something to do with it).

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks so much for your great book suggestion and for pointing out that Loki’s Wolves came out before Magnus Chase. My son is such a Rick Riordan fan that it’s hard to find more books like his. Most don’t have his sense of humor which is what I realize why he’s such a huge fan. I’ll tell him about Red Sun! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Yay! I’ll tell my son and we will keep posting. He’s reading more than he’s ever had and wider range of books too which is making me so happy. I will wholeheartedly recommend The True Meaning of Smeckday by Adam Rex. We just finished it. It’s really funny; alien sci-fi, roadtrip, strong girl character in search of her mother who was abducted but nothing is too scary or sad. It’s just a really fun, funny story. It was made into a movie but it doesn’t follow the book closely enough.

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