House Monkey App for Chores

House Monkey App for Chores

The House Monkey App is an interesting idea. It’s an app that you set up for your family to track chores and tasks around the house. It has features to reward participation, and lets you create training videos to show someone how to do a task.

House Monkey App for Chores

It’s an example of the power of Kickstarter to launch an idea. The House Monkey App came about because 103 backers pledged $20,155 to help bring this project to life.

For me, there are two components of House Monkey. There’s the everyday chores aspect of getting kids to organize, schedule, and complete their chores. There’s also annual(ish) home maintenance tasks which I like a lot for tracking and teaching via videos those assigned how to do those annual(ish) household chores like:

  • changing air filter to air conditioner
  • changing water filter in refrigerator
  • changing water filter in house system
  • turning off water to garden hose before winter (so pipes don’t freeze)
  • buying bulbs in the fall to plant before the ground freezes

House Monkey App for Chores

This app is perfect for parents who don’t mind short term pain for long term gain. By that, I mean, there’s set up time to House Monkey App if you want to use it for daily chores. That time will be rewarded by a system that clearly assigns the chore and tracks the completion.

House Monkey App for Chores

We have that issue in our house. Both my girls are assigned dish duty. They are supposed to unload the dishwasher and reload it after dinner. It sounds simple but there are unforeseen complications to this chore:

  • They argue over whose turn it is to do the dishes
  • The person who is supposed to do the dishes sometimes comes home very late from sports practice and therefore doesn’t have time to do dishes on their assigned night (which means my husband usually ends up doing it)
  • Sometimes there are so many dirty dishes, one load isn’t enough.
  • On the nights that we go out to dinner, no one does the dishes, yet there are dishes in the sink from breakfast and lunch
  • Sometimes they do the dishes together which makes it even harder to track whose turn it is
  • They argue over whose turn it is to do the dishes (it bears repeating)

House Monkey app for chores

Setting up the doing dishes chore on House Monkey App would fix the scheduling aspect that is currently the biggest point of contention. The reward system would also help with their allowance payment. My kids earn allowance based on doing chores, but lately we’ve stopped paying them because they forget to ask for allowance and also they are not doing their chores consistently enough to warrant payment.

My son is in charge of feeding our dog and clearing the food after dinner. He more or less does his chores because we remind him. If he forgets, our dog just doesn’t get fed. My son doesn’t have a cell phone yet, but this app also works on any computer including iPad, PC or Mac.

As I ponder our chore challenges, I am motivated to do the short term pain for the long term gain. I have a year’s subscription to House Monkey which I will put to use. Would you like to try it too?

House Monkey app

My readers can get House Monkey for 30 days free!

Use coupon code I4dLNT (The coupon code is case sensitive!)

After 30 days you have the option to buy the subscription and pay just $28.99 for the first year.

$28.99 yearly fee includes:

  • All standard features of House Monkey – the preferred home management system
  • 1G of data for your home used at your discretion (videos, chat, appliance manuals, receipts, etc.)
  • Unlimited members in your family’s account
  • Access to your account via both the mobile app and the website
  • Accessible on any platform (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, mobile web browser)
  • No ads

Here’s to a smoother year of household and daily chores! Do you think House Monkey will make your household chores easier? I’d love to hear what you think!

This is a sponsored post for House Monkey. My opinions, as always, are my own.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dee

    We have challenges with chores, too. A lot of my son’s chores are personal to him. He’s supposed to clean his room, but usually doesn’t and still, even at 14, doesn’t quite understand clean. And he also doesn’t ask for allowance or keep track of chores so he doesn’t get paid. I’ve read that kids w/ ADHD have a hard time with systems that have long-term gain – even when long-term is only a week. As a family of three, we also don’t have some daily chores that a larger family would have, like emptying the dishwasher. It’s only run every 2 or 3 days and not always at the same time of day, so there’s no way to set it up as a regular chore. I have also had to prioritze homework, which keeps chores frm getting done.

  2. I could see how this would be useful in a large family, but the set up time of the logs would kill me. Great idea for families.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Rules for Stealing StarsMy Profile

  3. This seems like a good idea for an app. 🙂
    Erik – TKRB recently posted…Review and Blog Tour! The Ugly Dumpling by Stephanie CampisiMy Profile

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