7th Grade Model of Cell Science Project

7th Grade Model of Cell Science Project

7th Grade Model of Cell Science ProjectThe model of a cell cake is a popular science project for 7th grade. My daughter says that anyone who bakes this cake gets an A on their project. Her class ate the cake after she and her partner presented it. It was delicious even though it was a day old.

Here are instructions to  bake your own Edible Cell Model from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. There is a lot of leftover candy after the project is completed which is why I think my daughter chose this project!

  • Blue Mike and Ikes = mitochondria
  • Pink Mike and Ikes = smooth endoplasmic reticulum
  • War Heads = vacuoles
  • Air Heads Xtremes = rough endoplasmic reticulum
  • Sour gummy worms = Golgi apparatus
  • Candy disc sprinkles = ribosomes
  • Cupcake = nucleus


Steampunk version of a cell

Erik from This Kid Reviews Books made an awesome Steampunk version of a cell! 
Steampunk version of a cell

It lights up too!

7th Grade Model of Cell Science Project

At my daughter’s parent teacher conference, I found other versions of the Cell Model Project. This one was made of sculpy clay.

7th Grade Model of Cell Science Project

The lego cell model was a creative twist! My son could do that in a few years when he’s in 7th grade. He has plenty of legos for this project!

animal cell model

Animal Cell Model from KCFAC.kilgore.edu.

Here are some other really cool edible cell model that I found online.

a 3D model of an animal cell.

3D Cake with cell parts within the cake!

edible cell model

Watermelon cell model.

pizza model of a cell

Animal cell model pizza!

7th Grade Model of Cell Science Project

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dee

    These are awesome! My son had this project in school this year, but he made his out of styrofoam not an edible version.

  2. Jennifer Jensen

    How cool – much more creative than my kids did! Your daughter’s cake would have been a huge hit at our house, and but I really like the pizza version too.
    Jennifer Jensen recently posted…The Mirror World of BooksMy Profile

  3. So fun! I remember doing these when I was in high school. I used all sorts of sewing supplies and a shoe box lid to make a plant cell. We had cookie and brownie cells and all sorts of wonderfully creative things. I will be doing these at some point with my boys and I’m betting at least one of them will choose a pizza version!
    Mother of 3 recently posted…Pi Day CelebrationMy Profile

    • Hi Mother of 3,
      What fun to make the cell models out of cookies and brownies! I like the pizza version too though we haven’t tried that one yet. Maybe my youngest will … he has two years before he will get this assignment. My daughter chose the cake because she heard it was an automatic A. The teacher loves it because they eat the cake in class! 🙂
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Earth Day: No Trash Town in JapanMy Profile

  4. Love the pizza one. When I did this, I made a steampunk cell. I made it our of parts and hardware. It was in a wooden case with plexiglass over it. I put dish detergent inside for the cytoplasm and it lit up so it looked kind of cool. ;o)
    Erik-TKRB recently posted…Blog Tour Review! Sir Princess Petra’s Mission by Diane Mae RobinsonMy Profile

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