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Fan Girling Over Valarie Tripp and Her American Girl Books

Our American Girl doll collection was passed onto another family

Our American Girl collection was passed onto another family with younger girls and you can tell that they are deeply loved!

My girls were never really into dolls including Polly Pocket or Barbie but they loved American Girl Dolls and requested them for Christmas. They especially loved the accessories that were designed around the doll sets but I loved the books.

And, in fact, it was the book sets that held our attention long after the excitement of a new doll wore off. As the years progressed, my oldest, Grasshopper and Sensei, solely requested American Girl Doll books. We read about Kit during the Great Depression, Josefina and the challenges of life on a rancho, Kaya on the plains, Addy’s life as a slave, and Felicity during the American Revolution. We read the contemporary books too, with Julie and Ivy. After she finished them all, she moved onto the American Girl Doll mysteries which she loved.

Recently, I was introduced to Valerie Tripp via Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

Valerie Tripp is the author of 31 American Girl books, including six books about Felicity Merriman, who lived in Williamsburg, VA during colonial times; six books about Josefina Montoya, an Hispanic girl growing up in New Mexico in 1824; three books about Samantha Parkington, an orphan living in 1904; six books about Kit Kittredge, growing up during the Great Depression; and six books about Molly McIntire, who lived on the home front during World War II. Ms. Tripp is also the author of the books about the American Girl’s best friends Elizabeth, Nellie, Ruthie, and Emily as well as plays and short stories about her characters.

She is joining us as an author sponsor and this is her first foray into social media. I exchanged a few emails with her and it was one of those moments when I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I’m exchanging emails with the author of all those books that my girls and I read and loved?!! Pinch me!!!

American Girl Doll cabinet

Our friend Sidnie’s special cabinet she made for her American Girl doll collection!

The emails revolved around a new Josefina mystery that is coming out in March. I was able to get an early release and share it with my daughter (who still loves mysteries thanks to American Girl books).

The Glowing Heart: A Josefina Mystery by Valerie Tripp

A beautiful ruby ring is delivered to Tía Dolores by Don Javier when she is visiting Josefina and her family. When it goes missing, things start to go wrong. Tía Dolores loses her energy and papa’s favorite horse must be sold. There are several suspects who might have had access to take the ring and Josefina is determined to solve this crime.  [chapter book, ages 6 and up]


Do you have a favorite American Girl character? Please share! Thank you!

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New Josefina Mystery American Girl Doll

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Mollie and Kit were the American Girls in this house, along with accessories and books. Now they are packed away for the next generation. Glad to see Valerie Tripp has become part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day. I have reviewed some of her Molly stories over on my other blog, The Children’s War.

    Wasn’t MCCB a great day?
    Alex Baugh recently posted…2016 Multicultural Children’s Book Day: I Want Cake! by Daniel Kairys, M.D., illustrated co-authored by Jo Ann KairysMy Profile

  2. Julie F

    Being Native American, my daughter instantly loved Kaya and her special jingle dress we use in Pow-wows! She also has a personalized doll that was made to look similar to her (dark hair, blue eyes) which she loves over most (she has 4 in total 😳). Such sweet dolls and I’m so happy she’s starting to read the books!

  3. My daughter was such a fan of the American Girl dolls and books in the 90s. Her favorite was Addie, a slave girl. She also had Molly (1950’s depression) and Felicity, (Revolutionary era). We still have them packed in a plastic box as she was hoping to pass them on to her children. That hasn’t happened yet. I haven’t seen Josephina (my grandmother’s name.) Such a great way to teach history.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Stickley Sticks To It!My Profile

  4. Valerie Tripp’s books are well written!
    maryanne recently posted…Finding Financial Freedom: the onup MovementMy Profile

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