Boxing Fitness Giveaway

Boxing Fitness GIVEAWAY: The 30 Day Boxer’s Diet and BOXYGEN

I’m in that perimenopause phase of life that has some unpleasant symptoms:

  • Loss of bone. With declining estrogen levels, you start to lose bone more quickly than you replace it, increasing your risk of osteoporosis — a disease that causes fragile bones.
  • Changing cholesterol levels. Declining estrogen levels may lead to unfavorable changes in your blood cholesterol levels, including an increase in low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol — the “bad” cholesterol — which contributes to an increased risk of heart disease. At the same time, high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol — the “good” cholesterol — decreases in many women as they age, which also increases the risk of heart disease.

These and other effects are from The Mayo Clinic but it didn’t mention the most annoying one:

  • Weight gain.

Apparently, perimenopause also seems to give women a soft middle. Despite exercising at the boxing gym three times a week and practicing Vinyasa yoga once a week, I’m still gaining weight at a slow but steady amount. My mom friend Julie says the only recourse to address this change-of-life is to exercise more and be mindful about eating.

Diet and Exercise GIVEAWAY: Boxer's Diet and BOXYGEN

Boxing Fitness GIVEAWAY

In case any of you are in the same boat, I wanted to offer up a tried and true boxing fitness combination: The 30 Day Fighter’s Diet from my friend Johnny at ExpertBoxing and the BOXYGEN exercise DVD from my boxing gym, Nonantum Boxing Club.

Diet and Exercise GIVEAWAY: Boxer's Diet and BOXYGEN

My boxing trainer’s cousin, Eric Busa, created the BOXYGEN DVD with three 30 minute workouts plus supplemental workouts – focusing on different aspects of overall fitness: Body Strength, Body Core and Body Conditioning.

Diet and Exercise GIVEAWAY: Boxer's Diet and BOXYGEN

My son’s elementary school librarian does this workout daily; she’s in the video clip below too!

Diet and Exercise GIVEAWAY: Boxer's Diet and BOXYGEN

I’ve done the BOXYGEN workout and it’s a great for cardio and fitness. The DVD is meant to let you go at your own pace and ability. You don’t need specialized equipment to do it either.
Diet and Exercise GIVEAWAY: Boxer's Diet and BOXYGEN

GIVEAWAY: Win a Boxing Home Fitness Package

Boxygen DVD

The 30 Day Fighter’s Diet from my friend Johnny at ExpertBoxing and the BOXYGEN exercise DVD from my boxing gym. Please fill out Rafflecopter to enter.

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Boxing Fitness Giveaway

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Carla S

    I have to increase my cardio and lose 80 pounds.

  2. Yes, I most certainly did. I promised myself that I would get outside and walk more.

  3. Nancy

    My goal is to lose inches.

  4. No official goals, but I am always trying to get in better shape.
    maryanne recently posted…DIY Kitchen Remodel: Add Color!My Profile

  5. Michele Cupp

    My new goal is to work out on my treadmill throughout the winter at least 4 days per week.

  6. Tommy

    Too bad I missed your giveaway! I have been considering including boxing into my list of workout routines this year.

  7. I just ran 2 Marathon’s . My new goal is to run 10kms per day on Treadmill.
    Shawn recently posted…How to Build the Best Home Gym Possible with Limited BudgetMy Profile

  8. I am power lifter, my new goal is to lift 600 pounds and i will definately do it !

  9. Darn, wish I would have found this earlier…I’m a big fan of Jonny at Expertboxing. Since I moved across the country, I put a few pounds, so my goal is to lose 10lbs and get back some muscle definition 🙂
    Michael Sanchez recently posted…Gear Guide: Best Speed Bag for Boxing 2016My Profile

  10. I really missed this fitness giveaway. I love Jonny at expert boxing and I love to get the fitness giveaway by boxing fitness stuff and I hope I will get it in the very near future. I have started recently to do fitness workout because I worked in the desk most of time and I have to lose my weight.

  11. Always dreamt of being a boxer but couldn’t be one. But at least will try to diet like them!!! nice article by the way……

  12. My friend is into boxing… He asked me to join the training.. But I couldn’t continue due to some health problems. But I liked the days I had been there.

  13. The health benefits of boxing are definitely hard to ignore. I’m glad you see it more than just a sport, that seems to be what turns off a lot of people 😉 It’s a great way to get in shape, tone up, improve blood pressure and more.

  14. This is a very nice blog related to fitness.I am totally impressed with the stuff that you have shared here.
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  15. Staying fit should be everyone’s first priority and i like this way you are promoting about fitness and helping others to stay fit and healthy.
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