Staying Alive: Heart Attack and Living Forever?

Staying Alive: Heart Attack and Living Forever?

Yoga is just as good as aerobics, cycling and walking for cutting the risk of heart disease. The Daily Telegraph

Every minute, one person in the U.S. is diagnosed with heart failure – nearly 6MM Americans total. My friend had a heart attack last week. Luckily, he self-diagnosed himself correctly when the heart attack occurred and went to the emergency room immediately.

Heart Attack and Living ForeverHe was rushed by police escorted ambulance to a larger hospital where a stent was inserted. From the door of his house to the stent, just eighty-one minutes. Nine more minutes and permanent heart damage occurs if any part of his heart was deprived of oxygen. In his case, it was.

As a public health announcement, he bade me to let people know that in the event that you think you are having a heart attack, every minute counts! What is great is that my friend is back on his feet and better than ever. The stent will ensure that the clogged artery stays open and his surgeon was able to look at his other arteries to make sure that they all are clear. So … he’s back on the golf course a week later and better than ever!

The day after my friend’s heart attack, I went to an author visit for Spring Chicken: How to Stay Young Forever (or Die Trying) by Bill Gifford at Cardio High Gym, a local gym owned by friends from college in my town.

I’ll give you the Cliff notes version of what I learned:

Heart Attack and Living Forever

  • Sugar is the enemy. As we age, our bodies find processing sugar more difficult. Cut back on sugar.

Heart Attack and Living Forever

  • What you eat is as important as how much you eat. Whole foods is best; avoid processed food!

Heart Attack and Living Forever

    • Make exercise a daily habit. Maintaining balance and flexibility is just as important as cardiovascular exercise.

And here’s an article that I found on The Daily TelegraphYoga just as good as aerobics for cutting heart disease risk. Yoga was found to reduce BMI, lower blood pressure and cut cholesterol.

Now that I am fifty years old, I am noticing more tweaky body parts with longer recovery than in years past. Let’s face this growing old thing together. Let’s die trying!

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Staying Alive: Heart Attack and Living Forever?

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. YES! Every minute counts with a heart attack. My grandpa had a heart attack while working on his farm at age 46. He thought he had heat stroke and went to lie down. By the time he went to the hospital (I think 4! days later) the heart attack had killed 90% of his heart – although they didn’t find that out for a few more decades, when they went in to perform a quintuple bypass surgery. Technology back then was not what it is today, and health care in a small farm town was pretty lacking. He lived several more decades (amazingly enough), but was never able to go back to full-time farming and had to find lots of odd jobs for their family to survive on his eighth grade education. Eventually they found a way for my grandma to go to nursing school to help support the family.
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  2. I STRONGLY urge to to grab, at the very least, the free education and recipes from Protective Diet. Your husband needs to change his diet immediately.

    Yoga will help with stress, yes. However, the diet will trump yoga.

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