Zorpia is a Pfishing Scam: BEWARE!!

Countdown: My #2 Most Popular Post of 2015

Zorpia is a Pfishing Scam: BEWARE!!

Zorpia is a Pfishing Scam: BEWARE!! is my 2nd most popular post of 2015. After a bad experience when I accidentally gave Zorpia access to my Facebook in order to read a message “sent” to me by my daughter, I wrote this post. It took me nearly a week to shut down my Zorpia account. Zorpia somehow got access to my email and started emailing all my contacts with messages to join Zorpia from me!

I am convinced that Zorpia is not just a Pfishing scam but possibly the base from which China and/or Northern Korea are getting email addresses to use for cyber warfare.

My blog was recently hacked so I’ll be writing a post on that next. I think honest and helpful accounts of bad experiences are appreciated by anyone who goes through this same trauma! Or at least that is my takeaway from the popularity of this post for me!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Oh wow! Cyber attacks are very real, and so frustrating!!!
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