Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Rocks!

My friend Lydia’s husband and Grasshopper and Sensei‘s art teacher’s husband are both Industrial Designers who have worked on vacuum products. Turns out that they have worked together too!  What a small world!

Industrial design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production.

When I saw Lydia’s husband last week at a dinner party, I asked him what does it take to design a really good vacuum? An industrial designer is an interesting job; it’s part designer, part sculptor and part mechanical engineer. Industrial designers design a wide range of products from cars to package design to consumer products like coffee machines, vacuums, blenders and space heaters.
Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Rocks!

What does it take to design a great vacuum? Industrial designers work with marketing and market researchers to find out what consumers want and then they try to deliver. What do I want? It’s pretty simple because I hate vacuuming more than any other cleaning job in the world:

  • I want a cordless vacuum because I am forever running over the cord or pulling it out of electrical socket, both actions being very bad for my vacuum.
  • I want a vacuum that can pick up the massive amount of Golden Retriever dog fur that my dog contributes to our household without causing my vacuum cardiac arrest.
  • I still need a portable, handheld vacuum for quick pick up like when my kids spill cereal all over the floor.
  • I want my vacuum to live a good, long and productive life.
  • I don’t want my vacuum to be heavy because I need to carry it up and down stairs and even vacuum the stairs while I’m at it!

I was thrilled to try out a Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum. My husband, of course, got to it first and he was delighted by the design. There’s a portable, handheld vacuum built right into the vacuum that you can pull out and use!

We both love that fact that the Hoover vacuum is cordless, lightweight and holds a charge for a very long time — long enough to vacuum four floors of a messy house!

Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Rocks!

Just The Facts Please: Power and Performance of Hoover

  • Only the cordless line is powered by an interchangeable battery system that works with all products in the Hoover cordless line
  • LithiumLife batteries have double the capacity of our standard 18-volt lithium Ion batteries which means longer runtime and fade-free power
  • Windtunnel 3 technology provides performance; suction power to lift and remove dirt

Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Rocks!

But Wait, There’s More: The Hoover Cordless Family

  • No cord means you have freedom to move about your home with ease; no plugging and unplugging, no winding and rewinding and most importantly, no tripping, tugging or tangling
  • Multiple products with an interchangeable battery provide versatility to tackle a variety of messes with just the right tool for the job, whether it’s the whole house or picking up a quick mess
  • The line of 4 cordless cleaners—3 vacuums and a hard floor wet cleaner

I have to say that the Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Rocks! It took all my gripes about vacuuming and solved them for me. I can honestly say that it picked up dog fur effortlessly, even in hard to reach corners. It’s lightweight and easily manuverable. I love that there it’s cordless. The handheld vacuum snaps in and out easily and it made vacuuming the stairs an easy task.

Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 Stick and Handheld Vacuum Rocks!

Thanks Hoover! I may even go vacuum now … that is, if I can wrestle my husband away from our new vacuum!

p.s. Do you know who else is an Industrial Designer? Ann of Doodles and Jots! Ever notice how she can do all these cool things on her blog like designing garlands or great printables? It’s her designer training!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I have been looking for a lightweight vacuum for a while. This looks like an excellent candidate. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Sounds and looks like an awesome vacuum! I’m in the market for a new one… This one could be a contender!

  3. Tonny

    This Hoover Cordless 2-In-1 is worth for your choice. I definitely kike its Stick and Handheld Vacuum.
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