Gender Bending Gifts for Kids

Gender Bending Gifts for Kids

Jeanette Nyberg of Craftwhack and I have teamed up again to bring you a holiday shopping series. Today we bring you Gender Bending gift ideas for kids because we are both a little subversive, if you haven’t noticed.
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Gender bending is sometimes a form of social activism undertaken in response to assumptions, over-generalizations about genders, or transphobia. Some gender benders identify with the gender assigned them at birth, but “challenge” the norms of that genderthrough androgynous behavior and atypical gender roles. from Wikipedia

Gender Gending Gifts … let’s all be a little subversive this year and gift in ways that challenge stereotypes, like coloring books for adults! Check out Jeanette’s list here.


Dolls for Boys that Teach Emotional Intelligence

These dolls for boys include a child-sized matching-piece of adventure gear. for the child too, giving them an instant sidekick for adventures! The idea is that this connectedness deepens the imaginative play experience.

Wonder crew dolls for boys

Crewmates combine the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal.

Wonder Crew Dolls, $50

Wonder Crew Dolls


Yoga Joes – Green Army Men Toys, $28

Play with toy army soldiers in an entirely new way! This is a non-violent toy that comes packaged in a “mini yoga studio” clear box with bamboo floor.

Yoga Joes


STEM  and STEAM (STEM with Art) Building Toys

Let’s challenge girls to become engineers and architects and boys to become fashion designers by making these building and design toys gender neutral!

GoldieBlox Craft-struction Box, $40

The Craft-Struction Box combines crafting and construction for open-ended play. Kids will think like Goldie to prototype and problem-solve, and with over 275 pieces the possibilities are endless.

GoldieBlox CraftStruction set

Pinblocks, $50

With one building block you can make buildings, planes, vehicles and more. The choice of either making a miniature plane or a whole city that would fill your room with buildings and roads, is purely yours. These colors appeal to girls but boys will have fun building with them too! (They come in all kinds of colors too).


Fashion Design for Girls OR Boys

Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker: Mix and Mis Match Styles by Louise Scott-Smith, $15

This is a sketchbook that already has a fashion form drawn in so that you can use the 200+ fashion templates to trace and then color in outfits. Budding fashion designers will be able to create their fashion visions.


LEGOS for Girls to Build Anything They Want

This is from

Legos for girls

The cool space fighter above was created with bricks fromLEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop, Olivia’s Invention Workshop, Stephanie’s Cool Convertible, and Emma’s Fashion Design Studio.

LEGO Friends Private Jet Building Kit, $30

LEGO Friends 41100 Heartlake Private Jet Building Kit

Lego Friends Vet Kit, $18

Lego friends vet clinic kit


Drawing Supplies

Drawing supplies are gender neutral toys for every age!

I DO 3D Pens, $31

These are pens that exudes a kind of gel-like substance that dries into a 3D form. You can attach each design to each other to build 3D structures. It comes in different colors and there are templates and art projects on the I DO 3D TV website.

12 Brush Tip Sharpie Permanent Markers, $13

brush tip sharpies

I actually crave the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers,96 Color Set with Desk Stand but they are pricey at $134, so this is a nice, lower priced option.

Building Tools for Girls and Boys

I really love that girls in this generation are learning how to build with power tools in middle school. It’s a great life skill.


Tool Belt, $15

My daughter, PickyKidPix, would love this! She’s great with power tools! This is not a toy; it’s a tool!

tool belt for kids

CP Toys Wooden Child-sized Real Tools Set, $40

real tools for kids

Project Workbench, $170

 workbench for kids

To examine any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.

Gender Bending Gifts for Kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Love these toy soldiers…I just bought legos for my six year old granddaughter for Christmas. These new building sets are really creative.

  2. I just squealed when I saw the Yoga Joes!!! Oh, and i totally recommend the Tombows. Buy yourself a present….
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…5 Weeks of Gift Giving: Gender Bending Gifts for KidsMy Profile

  3. Pin blocks look interesting! I think that the best toys will always appeal to both boys and girls!
    maryanne recently posted…Christmas Carol Advent Calendar PrintableMy Profile

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