Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading

Raising A Rock-Star Reader

I’m so excited about a new book by two of my favorite bloggers: Alison McDonald of No Time for Flashcards and Amy Mascott of Teach Mama! If you follow me via social media, you might have noticed that I tend to tweet, pin and share pretty much everything these ladies create on their blogs. They are experts at making learning fun and they have been testing out their ideas for years and years on their blogs.

Raising A Rock-Star Reader

Now, their book brings the best of the best of their tried and true tips to get your child to love reading. It’s not just books and apps, but easy (and sneaky) ways to make literacy a fun game that slides into a lifelong love of books.

Raising A Rock-Star Reader

Here are some tips that make me smile and nod in agreement:

“Please don’t ever talk to your kids using baby words or baby terms.” Nix on the baby talk!

Stop correcting. Just repeat correctly.” (And Amy should add, “Mia, please remove that sarcastic tone from your voice when your kids say ‘Bella and me are going to her house after school’ and you repeat, “Bella AND I?!!!”

Rhyming is hugely helpful for helping kids learn to distinguish sounds in words. And rhyming is fun, which makes it a natural motivator for building a vocabulary.”

Raising a rock star reader

Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading by Amy Mascott and Allison McDonald

This book is mistitled. You get a lot more than 75 great tips to get your kids reading! This is the kind of book I would keep in my bathroom to regularly peruse. It’s chock full of great ideas for when you are motivated to tackle a big project as well as quick tips that you can instantly do with your kids. The idea behind these wonderful literacy ideas is just to try a lot of different approaches when it comes to learning to read … the variety keeps it fresh and fun but it’s also a way to make the lessons stick.

Two of my favorite rock star education bloggers with their best ideas to get your kids loving to read. This is a gift that keeps on giving! [parenting book for parents or to gift to a parent]

What are your best tips that worked for you to get your kids reading? Mine was from Jennifer Lee, an ex-third grade teacher, who advised me to start a book club for kids to get my daughter reading. It turned out to be my kids’ favorite activity ever! Please share yours! Thanks so much!


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Raising a Rock-Star Reader: 75 Quick Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Lifelong Love of Reading

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