Amazing Time Lapse Nature

Amazing Time Lapse Nature

My husband has been taking photos at the Weston Reservoir where he walks out dog every day from the same spot. He finally made a time laspe video of them all and there’s a lot of shots of the reservoir frozen over. It was a long winter last year!

My favorite time laspe video is of of Lotte growing up. Her father shot her every day and made two versions: Birth to 12 Years and 0 to 14 years. This is under my life list: Things I Would Do If I Could Do It Over Again. I think I was just too brain dead when I was raising my kids to ever pull this  off.

Why do you think we all enjoy time laspe photography? Is it the “cut to the chase”? Or stopping for a second to see how times passes? Or maybe both?

I hope you enjoy these three amazing time lapse nature videos. The first is of an acorn growing into a mightly oak tree over an eight-month period.

The second time laspe video is of a mushroom that looks like a toad stool fairy mushroom called a Fly agaric growing and then dying.

This last time laspe video is of bees hatching in their hive.

Amazing Time Lapse Nature

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  1. I love time lapse, but I rarely conjure up the focus/determination to do it. Maybe as my kids get older 🙂
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