Easy Stop Motion Animation Using Flipagram

Easy Stop Motion Animation Using Flipagram

My son has loved dinosaurs since he was three and he made me read him nothing but dinosaur books for an entire year. He moved on a year later to Pokémon books and I missed the dinosaur obsession. I hoped it would reemerge and it does from time to time when new Jurassic Park movies come out.

stop motion animation

My son came back from the Jurassic World movie with his dad — I refused to go, the trailer terrified me — and immediately asked to spend his allowance money on Jurassic World legos. That’s an easy sell for me; it’s his money and it’s not screen time.

stop motion animation

After three days carefully assembling his new lego sets, I asked him if he wanted to make stop motion animation movies with them. I remembered the stop animation movies that MaryAnne of Mama Smiles made with her kids.

She used a Microsoft product called Movie Maker but I have a Mac. MaryAnne suggests using iMovie as a replacement but I have always had this wonky problem in iMovie of my clips not loading. Plus I find iMovie a little confusing to use. Instead, I suggest Flipagram, an app for smart phones. I use the free version.

Flipagram for Easy Stop Motion Movies

I have to admit that I a new-found love of Flipagram that is bordering on an addiction. I am using it to make digital photo albums for my kids as a way to store and see all those photos and video clips on my phone. In making a few dozen videos, I discovered that it’s also a super easy way to make stop motion animation movies because:

  • It’s easy to upload the photos. The app does it itself; you just have to select the photos.
  • Controlling the speed of all the photos is easy. There’s a sliding scale of a turtle and hare. We set it to the fastest speed.
  • You can add music from your own purchased songs in your iTunes account.

My Son’s Stop Motion Jurassic World Lego Movies

This is my son’s second attempt and my personal favorite:

This is his first attempt:

This is his latest:


How to make a Flipagram Stop Motion Movie

1. Plan out your movie. What is the plot? What are you trying to show?

2. Take photos on your smart phone. My son used legos but you can use any kind of toy. Remember to move all the pieces just a small amount. 70 photos is a good amount. My son used a business card holder as a tripod to keep the camera steady. This helps keep the animation from looking jerky.

stop motion animation

3. Go to Flipagram. Start a new project by selecting the + key.

Flipagram for Stop Motion movies

4. Select the photos you want to use. You won’t need to rearrange them for the stop motion video but it’s a nice feature if you are making digital scrapbook photo/video albums.

Using Flipagram for Stop Motion Animationstop motion movies using Flipagram

5. Edit each photo. Sometimes you will want to make the image slightly bigger or slide the photo from side to side or up and down to make it fit better on the screen.

edit in flipagram

6. Write a title if you like.

Jurassic World lego stop motion animation

7. Select music. You can use your own music from your iTunes account.


flipagram selecting your own music

8. Select speed.

how to use flipagram

9. Hit DONE. Write a description and add hashtags. That’s it!

flipagram for easy stop motion animation

how to use Flipagram

10. You can share in a myriad of ways: across most social media platforms, via text, via email, etc. You can also upload to YouTube.

How about you? Have you tried making stop motion movies? What are you using? Please share! Thank you!

Easy Stop Motion Animation Using Flipagram

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. What a fascinating post — very cool!
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  2. Hooray for programs that make stop motion animation easy for kids! Your son’s movies are great. For some reason, none of my kids really like dinosaurs, but they do love LEGO sets! Thanks for linking to my post!
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  3. Ann

    Awesome videos!!! Bookmarking this step by step for Flipagram. Annabelle is really interested in animation!
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  4. Your son’s movies are great. Awesome videos!! My son is enjoying these stop motion videos. I’m glad he is being creative and interested in such type of motion movie. Thanks for sharing these video with us.

  5. This is great… Kids learn a lot with these activities

  6. Thanks for sharing this post @Pragmatic Mom. i will surely try with my son and he is really interested in animation!. its look very easy. Awesome post

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