Back to School, Back to Music with Music & Arts

Back to School, Back to Music with #MusicArtsBTS

My kids usually take the summer off from their music lessons because they are not really around enough to practice their instruments. This summer, PickyKidPix practiced more than she’s ever had during the summer because she finds it frustrating to go backwards while on summer hiatus. For flute players, it’s important for them to blow their flute every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

Back to School, Back to Music with Music & Arts

My son had a handful of guitar lessons though we would go on three-week stretches when either we or his teacher were out-of-town. This irregular lesson schedule makes it harder for him to maintain his practice schedule because he likes to play his pieces when they are memorized and easy for him to crank out.

Now that school is nearly here, I’m glad that the structure will get my kids back on a practice schedule. There are a ton of benefits for learning an instrument:

  • It teaches perseverance.
  • Learning an instrument teaches kids that it’s not about natural ability but in putting in the work.
  • Music is connected with improved verbal skills.
  • Music is a creative outlet to express yourself.
  • A musical group such as an orchestra, band or ensemble is a great way to learn to work together.
  • Music can change your brain! It develops cognitive skills for kids. It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease for the elderly. My 91-year-old mother is taking piano lessons from my sister and it’s also helped her fine motor skills.
  • Music is a confidence booster.
  • Learning to play a musical instrument is fun!

Does your school have instrumental lessons for kids or offer band or orchestra? Our elementary school does though the parents pay an extra fee to cover the costs. I have found that renting an instrument is a cost effective way to let my kids try out new instruments. It allows them flexibility … which was great when Grasshopper and Sensei tried percussion for a month and then decided that she wanted to try flute instead.


During the month of August, Music & Arts across the country will be celebrating Back to School, Back to Music! Visit Music & Arts for local information on music instrument rentals.

The Network’s Music & Arts is having a Twitter party on Sept 9th, 9 pm EST for fun and chance to prizes. Follow them @thenetworkniche for details.

 Are your kids enjoying learning an instrument too? Please share!

Thanks to The Network Niche, today’s post is sponsored by Music & Arts.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Great post and I am trying to figure out if I put my 7 year old in lessons or wait one more year. I played when I was younger but did not take it seriously.
    Divna recently posted…(Video) Stew Leonard’s #Back2StewsMy Profile

    • Hi Divna,
      See if you can find a music teacher that will give 15 minute lessons. I did that when my kids were young to get them started. They gradually worked their way up to 30 minutes and then 45 minutes. My son started with longer lessons at 7 but his teacher insisted on it and managed to find a way to engage him for that hour, but it was hard work for him to keep mixing it up.
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  2. I think all children should try an instrument. Glad your son is playing the guitar. Nice balance for him. Cute video.

    I almost majored in music (piano) in college. My husband’s uncle was a famous composer and he once said that musicians develop and use larger parts of their brain. He also linked mathematical skills to music and said something about them being similar.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Not This Bear: A First Day of School StoryMy Profile

  3. Your son is pretty good! I keep trying to interest my kids in guitar, but no luck so far. Emma and Johnny both play piano. Emma added cello this fall, and she finds it hard balancing two instruments. I think she is more interested in cello, in the long run. Lily plays violin, and Anna says she also wants to play violin. So far my mom teaches them all via Skype, but we just ordered an iPad (yay, airline miles from DH’s business trips!) because apparently Facetime is by far the best video conferencing option.
    maryanne recently posted…Polymer Clay for KidsMy Profile

    • Hi MaryAnne,
      My son goes in waves of liking to practice and hating to practice but we just try to chug on and do a little most days. I’m glad Emma got a cello since she seems to really gravitate towards that. My kids all started on piano which I chose for them but now no one plays piano! My girls moved to flute and my son has always wanted to play guitar. He plays it sometimes, though, like a drum!

      It’s so great your mom can teach them over the internet! What a great idea!! My sister is a piano teacher in California but I doubt she’d teach my kids that way! I think that might be the future though!
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  4. Great post! I play trumpet and I have a guitar I fiddle with. Our school lets kids play instruments starting in fifth grade. The band teacher let my sister start early. She is not sure if she wants to play clarinet or oboe so she is getting to try them out first. I think it is a good idea for everyone to try an instrument! 😉
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  5. Your kid is pretty good at it. As a music lover and father to two kids I appreciate you have shared this. Learning through music and play has long been recognized as an important component of child development. we always encourage music in our home weather it be singing or playing music instrument.,,
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