Very Short Science Videos for Kids

Very Short Science Videos for Kids

My son and I picked out our favorite science videos from The Kid Should Watch This. We hope you enjoy them too! Here’s our archive of favorite science videos:

The Kid Should Really See These Videos!

Amazing Videos to Share With Your Kids

My Son’s Favorite Fun and Educational Videos

The Kid Should Really See This Videos

Flu Season Science for Kids


Science for Kids: How to Make Fizzy Bottle Rockets

ExpeRimental from The Royal Institution: How to make fizzy bottle rockets using a plastic sports bottle, Alka Selzer tablet, warm water and a mug. Do this outdoors!

Trek the Mountains of Khumbu, Nepal

This commercial from Google Maps showcases the Nepalese Sherpa people and the mountains they live in.

Banana Slimes and the Secret of Slime

The Banana Slug lives in California and their glorious slime. Here are some interesting facts about the Banana Slug:

  • Slugs are mostly water
  • Slime actually attracts water
  • Slime is critical to how slugs move
  • Slime is recyclable; slugs eat other slug’s slime (and their own)
  • Slime is similar to human mucus

Rare Footage of Baby Platypuses Hatching

The baby platypus hatches from an egg and emerge the size of a jellybean. The platypus young hatch in a less developed state than a reptile who is ready to fend for itself when it hatches. What is the solution? Watch and see.

Very Short Science Videos for Kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. These are very fun! I love all the science for kids you can find these days.
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  2. What great videos! My daughter is going to love watching them! 🙂

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