Exercise Motivation to YogaBox

Exercise Motivation to YogaBox

I started a new class that combines yoga and boxing. You might think this is a weird combination but they are more alike that you’d think:

  • Both yoga and boxing focus on the breath. When you are in the ring, it’s essential to be cognizant of your breath. Some boxers even breath out with a weird sound to remind themselves to breath because no breath = no energy.

Exercise Motivation to YogaBox

  • Both boxing and yoga build a strong core. Side plank, chair pose, plank, vinyasa are all poses that I regularly do in boxing. Weird, isn’t it? But these poses also are essential to strengthening your core and you need strong abs to absorb punches. I got hit in the core once and it knocked the wind out of me, but because of endless planks and sit-ups, I was able to continue.

Exercise Motivation to YogaBox

  • Both boxing and yoga use body weight to build strength. On very rare occasions, I will warm up with 2 pound hand weights if I can find the lone pink pair in the bin; otherwise I struggle with 3 pound weights, but most of the time I train in boxing just with my body weight. This results in long, lean muscles. And yoga with boxing means supple strength and less injury.

Exercise Motivation to YogaBox

I’ve been marketing YogaBox™ to an email group weekly and I typically send out two memes as part of my email campaign just to make it more interesting. I find the memes on Instagram and pull two that speak to me each week. Some weeks the message is motivational. Some weeks when I am tired, I just want something funny.

Here’s my collection from the past year. I hope they amuse you!



This collection was inspired after I went to my first Fight Night to try sparring against younger, bigger and more experienced female fighters from all over Massachusetts that my boxing gym hosts every Wednesday night. I got hit in the head a lot and left feeling motivated to train in defense a lot harder.

girl break heartsMom-Boxing-Funny-300x295boxing-fear-297x300

This collection is all about girl empowerment.

Boxing Never Give Up
Fall Down 7 Times

Dalai Lama

have fun when you  work out and it won't feel like work

Boxing is the first exercise my group of mom friends have ever stuck with. We are now going on year 3. It’s true that if you find something you love, it never feels like work!

Punch Monday

Monday fresh Start

Two ways to think of Monday.



I channel Dawn Davis of Dawn Davis Yoga here. She’s more zen that I am.

changechallenge change socrates

How to get started when you haven’t been active? Just begin!boxing sketch

yoga sketch

My boxing trainer is an artist so these memes are for him (though he did not draw these).

Dr. Seuss Yoga funny

I posted this the week of Read Across America which featured Dr. Seuss. I thought it was really funny!

yoga love

Yoga Poetry

Having a yoga moment. I missed yoga the year first two years I boxed and did nothing else. Hence YogaBox was my way of bringing yoga back into my life with my favorite yoga teacher in the world.

boxing2 boxing1

boxing meme

Challenge to improve

It’s not easy trying to get better but well worth the challenge. But it’s also not an upward slope but rather dips and valleys.

exercise motivation

stressing out

fitness motivation

no excuses

boxing motivation 1

failure motivation

plank exercise

just do it

If you are not in the mood to start something new or show up, just do it. You won’t regret it.



Snowmaggedon in Boston inspired this one!all you need

Purging for spring cleaning reminded me to consume less.

boxing motivation 2


kids and faith

boxing motivation 3

Can you dare to dream? My friend and I are thinking of entering our first fight … it’s a scary thought and we will never feel ready but you gotta go for it. It’s a charity fight on behalf of breast cancer survivorship and nicknamed Belles of the Brawl.

minion exercise humor

cinderella shoe humor

The Cinderella meme was popular that week. I just needed humor that week; things were too hectic!

be all therelife is like a camera

I love the camera message!

fitness motivation

fall on your face

pants don't fit

A little motivation to exercise!happiness is



Change, comparison, and other things that stop us from doing what we want.

pessimist vs optimist

family discomfort


Finally, a meme to thank everyone who tried YogaBox! It’s been a great year! Thank you all for your support!

Exercise Motivation to YogaBox

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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