How to Make Origami Shirukan Throwing Star

How to Make Origami Shirukan Throwing Star

My son was obsessed with learning how to fold an Origami Shirukan Throwing Star. He had trouble cutting perfectly square pieces of paper so I handed him My First Origami Kit which I received from a publisher to review.

Unfortunately, the book did not include instructions on how to make a Shirukan Throwing Star but the origami paper was beautiful and just the right size. The kit comes with a book, 60 papers, 150 stickers and 22 projects.

He watched a few YouTube videos along with a post that had photos. I watched him struggle in frustration as he tried to learn from the video but it went to fast and certain tricky critical folds were unclear. Still, I wanted to see if he would stick with it. He did, while also pushing his bedtime a half hour late.

He used all 60 origami papers to make Shirukans.

How to Make Origami Shirukan Throwing Star

Now the fun part … throwing them!

How to Make Origami Shirukan Throwing Star

We also play a game taking half the Shirukan each and throwing them at a target that my son made and taped to his door.

Do your kids like to fold origami? Is there any shape that they want to learn? I can fold a crane and box. I made a video on how to fold an origami cup and a origami fortune teller for a Chinese New Year Book Club for Kids using Demi’s The Greatest Power.

My son just likes weapons!

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How to Make Origami Shirukan Throwing Star

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Excellent, my sons love origami. We’ll be doing this!

  2. He certainly was determined and made some throwing stars. Enjoyed the video of his throwing them. Fun post!
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  3. This seems really cool! I like Origami! 😀

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