Astounding Videos for Kids with a Science Twist

Astounding Videos for Kids with a Science Twist

Thank you to everyone who left kind comments about enjoying the videos that my son and I are curating from The Kid Should See This videos. They curate videos made for adults but are appropriate for kids. My son and I watch a ton of them and we pick out our favorites.


Science Videos to Fascinate Kids (at least my own)!

The Science of Snowflakes

If you are not tired of snow (and clearly not living in Boston), here’s a 20 second clip of a snowflake forming. It’s beautiful and fascinating, but not fun to shovel!

Sea Otter and Evolution Into the Sea

My husband grew up in Monterey, California and he knows a lot of about oceanography as a result of osmosis. I had no idea that the Sea Otter only recently (in evolutionary terms) evolved to live in the ocean! The sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are always a huge hit. They just look like they are having fun! This is a 3.24 minute video about the sea otters’ amazing fur, an adaptation that allows them to live in the ocean.

I have posts from our visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium: jellyfish, upcycled art, and sea horses.

The Genetics of Apples

It turns out that two of my good mom friends are from Geneva, New York which is a small town in upstate New York. Cornell has an apple genetic diversity program of 700 acres devoted to maintaining the world’s largest collection of apple trees, with over 3900 of them gathered from around the world. Johnny Appleseed would be so proud!

Did you know that apples found in the grocery store are grafts because if you plant the seeds from one apple, you will certainly NOT get that same apple again. When colonialists planted apples in the time of Johnny Appleseed, those apples were used for making hard cider (which would keep for a long period of time). Find a good eating apple was, at one point, a kind of gold rush with a “lottery” sized payoff!

This video explains all about apple diversity in just five and a half minutes. Adults interested in learning more might like The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s Eye View of the World by Michael Pollan. (Can you tell I was a History and Science major?)

A New Level of Archery: Archery on the Move by this Amazing Archer

This is such a cool video and it makes perfect sense. Archers today stand on a line and shoot to a target; that’s just the way archery competitions are run. BUT, archers who fought in wars had to shoot their arrows on the fly. What does that look like? Lars Andersen demonstrates.

My kids have a fascination with archery, prompted, no doubt ,by Katniss Everdeen, which culminated in my son’s archery birthday party last year.

Collaborative Juggling. You Have to See This!

My husband can do rudimentary juggling with three oranges in the air which impresses me a lot. I’m a klutz. I can’t juggle at all. But this video of collaborative juggling makes me wonder why these guys aren’t in a circus! They are amazing!

I am not sure how long they had to practice in order to pull of these feats of wonder, but they seem to be in college. I hope they get credit for their hard work!

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Astounding Videos for Kids with a Science Twist

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Ann

    So interesting and amazing. I am going to watch these again tonight with my son!
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  2. I watched most of the videos. Fascinating for kids and adults. Thanks for sharing, Mia.
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  3. Jim Westcott

    The videos are great, Mia. Excellent content as usual!

  4. That archery video is CRAZY. Great picks!
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  5. These are awesome! 🙂 The archery one is really rather cool! 😀
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