#SaveKidsLives #Safie

#SaveKidsLives #Safie to Save Lives

Grasshopper and Sensei turned 15-years-old recently which means my husband is going to start taking her to empty parking lots to learn to drive. She’s had some driving experience in golf carts and via Mario video driving games; enough for us to realize that she’s a cautious driver but needs to learn how to take corners.
My ninety-two-old mother in California is on the other end of the driving spectrum. She just stopped driving completely. She had tailed back by not driving at night or on highways a few years ago but now she’s done driving, relying on friends, my sister and Über instead.

Both new drivers and elderly drivers need to be especially diligent about road safety, but it is something for us all to be mindful about. More than 500 children die every day in traffic crashes around the world and thousands are injured.
How can we play a part to reduce this tragedy? Today, I’m asking teachers and parents to sign the Child Declaration and create your own #Safie to share on social media.
Teacher site
Parent site
Change starts with a single person. I just signed the Child Declaration and hope you will join me and sign as well.

By signing the Declaration you are helping to:

  • call for action to stop the growing number of road deaths worldwide
  • ask decision makers to save kids’ lives by putting road safety in place
  • support the movement for road safety led by children around the world

This Declaration is a call for action to mark UN Global Road Safety Week in May 2015. It also urges world leaders to include a target to halve road traffic fatalities globally in the Post-2015 Development Goals, so that kids everywhere can be kept safe. Read more.

Make a #Safie

My #Safie is also my New Year’s resolution and it’s to stop running yellow lights. Usually I’m rushing to get my kids somewhere so I’m trying to leave a little earlier and brake for yellow lights. It’s not an easy habit to break but I’m working on it!

Take the pledge here!

How about you? Will you make a #Safie too? It’s easy:

  1. Download a sign here.
  2. Write your #Safie
  3. Share on Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks for joining me in making kids safer!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. We hardly drive at all where we live now, and that definitely keeps us safer! Since there are tons of pedestrians and bikers where we live, including kids biking to and from school, driving requires a lot of awareness of what is happening all around the car here.
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  2. Although my kids are older I am still so cautious when I am around schools at drop off and pick up time. Kids are the most vulnerable pedestrians since they are smaller and lighter and also so much in the moment that they can’t anticipate as adults can. It’s tempting to go through a yellow light but in the end the next light will get you. So like you I prefer leaving a few minutes early so I don’t need to rush. It’s a great initiative to remind drivers to be cautious. My kids are good drivers and stopping at the stop signs and traffic lights is certainly something I reinforced a lot. Good luck with teaching your daughter! It’s a great step in a teen’s life and lots of responsability for the parents. But also a very meaningful lesson since this is one of the latest we teach them before they are on their own for good.
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    • Thanks Eveylyne,
      We can not believe we have a daughter who is driving age! She’s pretty cautious so she’ll be a careful and slow driver but she needs to learn to take corners. My husband wants the girls to be competent, safe drivers so he’s volunteered to take her out to empty parking lots to practice, but she never seems to get up early enough! I think this will be his summer project with her.
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