The Hawaiian Ukelele? All About the Ukelele for Kids!

The Hawaiian Ukelele? All About the Ukelele for Kids!

Two of my kids are fascinated by the ukelele. My son, who plays guitar, was inspired by musician Jake Shimabukuro that he showed the video to his guitar teacher, and watched Jake’s videos on technique that he can apply to guitar later on when he gets more advanced.

Grasshopper and Sensei is learning the ukelele on her own after coveting a beautiful handmade ukelele found at a shop on vacation two years ago. I figured that after one year of asking for it, she must be serious, so I bought it for her the following year we returned.

grasshopper and sensei ukelele

My husband played golf for the University of Hawaii so Hawaii has a special place in his heart and he is equally surprised to learn that the ukelele is not actually from Hawaii! 

The Not-From-Hawaii Ukelele …

The Most Amazing Ukelele Performer FROM Hawaii!

For those who like to learn How Is It Made?, this video is for you! The music in the video is “Ukulele Bros.” by JAKE SHIMABUKURO.

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The Hawaiian Ukelele? All About the Ukelele for Kids!

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. What a fascinating post. It is wonderful that two of your children are drawn to the Ukulele. It will be fun to see if your son uses some of the techniques on his guitar. They have such a unique sound to them. I enjoyed watching how they are made. Jake Shimabukuro is such a talented musician. Enjoyed the video.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Hansel and Gretel: A Fairy Tale with a Down Syndrome TwistMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Patricia,
      My son isn’t advanced enough on the guitar to do those advanced ukelele techiques yet, but he seemed more motivated to practice after that! My daughter is self teaching herself (very slowly). We all hope that we can catch Jake in concert. He’s been in Boston twice but we somehow seemed to miss him.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…#SaveKidsLives #Safie to Save LivesMy Profile

  2. The ukelele is a pretty incredible instrument – it’s very versatile when you consider how small and portable it is!
    maryanne recently posted…Learning About LadybugsMy Profile

  3. We have two ukuleles, that we still have yet to master. Our family goal for this year was to learn an instrument, we\’re still working on that. Thanks for sharing, I cannot wait to show these videos to my family.XOXO

  4. A ukelele is an amazing musical instrument and a great instrument for kids and their first contact with the music.
    Thanks for sharing!
    James recently posted…4 Different Types of Ukeleles – Choose the Correct One!My Profile

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