Febreze #Noseblind with Pets GIVEAWAY and CONTEST!

Febreze #Noseblind with Pets GIVEAWAY and CONTEST!

Does your pet stink sometimes? Mine does. Right now in fact! He’s badly in need of a bath but we’ve been on vacation for the past week week and my dog has been with his favorite dog sitter stinking it up.

Febreze stinky dogs

My dog is the Golden Retriever on the right.

On her bed!

Febreze Stinkface And in a borrowed dog bed as well.

Febreze Stinkface contest

And scrapping with other dogs hasn’t helped matters either!

Febreze Stinkface

I have a particularly strong sense of smell so I don’t usually experience noseblindness — you know, getting accustomed to an odor so that you don’t really notice it anymore — but when my dog needs a bath, I wish I were noseblind!

Noseblindness occurs during two scenarios:

• Odor adaptation is a decrease in ability to sense odors subsequent to initial exposure, and odor habituation. For example, when entering a restaurant, initially the odor of food is often perceived as being strong, but after time the awareness of the odor fades where the smell is not perceptible or the intensity is weaker.

• Odor habituation is when you get used to the odors in your everyday life. You probably don’t notice the odor of your home when you come back from work … but it’s a different story when you return from vacation. Right? That’s odor habituation.

Febreze has teamed up with actor and comedian Jane Lynch to encourage dialogue about a naturally occurring condition that affects many (if not most) pet owners: noseblindness. Noseblindness can affect anyone, but it shouldn’t keep people from adopting pets – or their guests from coming over or sitting in their car.

photo (3)

My husband is so glad to have Febreze for his car. After taking our dog out for a hike every day, he dreads putting our stinky pup into his immaculate car!

Febreze Stinkface

My husband already asked for the Febreze spray; the fabric Refresher works great to keep fabrics fresh and odor free. Use daily on fabrics that get a lot of high traffic and odors (dog beds, furniture). Start off every day freshening those fabrics. My husband plays to spray down his car interior with it even though it’s leather.

My husband likes car air fresheners as well. He always buys one from the car wash so he asked for the car Febreze product too! The Vent Clips freshen your car and eliminate tough pet odors that tend to hang inside your car. You simply place the vent clip onto any air vent in your vehicle, set the intensity dial to begin releasing the level of scent of your choice, and replace every 30 days to constantly freshen and eliminate odors in your car. This will make my husband very happy!

There’s also Febreze air spray; Air Effects takes care of the odors in your air. Use it anywhere and anytime pet odors are lingering or when you need a burst of freshness. Great to use in any room, and especially great to store readily available in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom where odors pop up frequently and you quickly want to eliminate them. This is a nice quick fix when someone is coming by!

I’m glad we’ve fixed our stinky dog odor issues in our home and car with a few simple tips and products. But did you know that by sharing photos of your beloved pet stinking it up, you can win $400 through Febreze‘s Instagram contest? You can also win Febreze products and goodies in my Rafflecopter giveaway below!



There are two ways to win! The first is to enter Febreze’s Instagram contest for a chance to win $400! The second is the Rafflecopter Giveaway below to win Febreze, $100 gift card and a smart phone lens!

Instagram Contest:

Share photos of your pets’ smelliest moments on Instagram and enter to win $400!

Step 1: Follow @toastmeetsworld on Instagram

Step 2: Share a photo of your pets’ smelliest #stinkface moments on Instagram

Step 3: Tag @ASPCA @toastmeetsworld and use #Febreze #Noseblind and #Stinkface in your post

I’ll be sharing a photo of my dog and look foward to seeing your adorable pet photos on Instagram!


Rafflecopter Giveaway:

$25 worth of Febreze product, a universal smart phone camera lens kit, and a $100 gift card to PetCo ($200+ value)!

To enter to win this great package, please enter the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Febreze #Noseblind with Pets GIVEAWAY and CONTEST!

This post and giveaway were made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I have a small poodle who doesn’t shed and is groomed frequently, so he rarely smells bad. That’s why I sent with the breed. The Febreze product sounds interesting to have around. I have another product that is really effective for odors “Zero Odor.” But, is a great giveaway!
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