My Son's Educational Video Picks

My Son’s Educational Video Picks

My son and I have been curating videos for your viewing pleasure. Many of them came our way via the excellent blog The Kid Should See This which selects videos created for adults but appropriate for a young audience. My son spends quite a bit of time on YouTube these days so he offered up some videos that he wanted to share with my audience as well.

This first video feeds my son’s interest in all things ninja. As a result, I have a ninja book list for him and a match up of picture books to a particular martial art. My son has expressed interest in making weapons like this Japanese artisan who makes traditional samurai swords and there is, in fact, a blacksmithing class near us that my husband wants to do with my son when he’s old enough. But for now, my son will just have to be content watching how swords are made.

My son is learning to play acoustic guitar and he has a handmade 1/2 size guitar made by a luthier in Mexico, Benjamin Garcia. He enjoyed watching how this Flamenco guitar is made … it all comes together in the last 30 seconds.

My son and I think The Fung Bros (they’re brothers) are very funny and we especially like these 10 Martial Arts Moves You Should Know. Of course, the irony is that my son stopped taking martial arts two years ago when he switched over to play more soccer but he seems to still like it as evidenced by my son teaching himself how to use nunchucks.

My son insisted that I watch 6 Foods You Are Eating Wrong AND share it with my readers. He was right too … my kids like pomegranate but I rarely buy them because they are so messy to eat but this video showed me how to get the seeds out with staining our clothes! 5 other useful hacks for eating foods less wastefully.

p.s. Bonus video pick from my son. This is his favorite dance crew. They won America’s Best Dance Crew and now my son is trying to learn these moves.


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My Son's Educational Video Picks

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Your son found some great videos!
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  2. Cool! 🙂 These sound awesome! 😀 These look fun! 😀
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