Bombadier Beetle Fun & Educational App for Kids

Bombadier Beetle Fun & Educational App for Kids

My kids think farting is extremely funny. I think they would love this interactive app about Luna, a Bombardier Beetle, with a unique talent. The talent of the toot! But first, some background on the Bombardier Beetle to put Luna’s talent into context.

 bombadier beetle

The amazing defense strategy of the Bombardier beetle!

Bombardier beetles are ground beetles which are most notable for the defense mechanism that gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a hot noxious chemical spray from the tip of their abdomen, with a popping sound.

Little Luna, Big Talent app,$2.99 on iTunes. Android version coming soon!

Little Luna, Big Talent

Little Luna’s interactive adventure promotes concentration, musical expression and coordination, while educating children about individuality and encouraging them to embrace their own special talents. That’s a lot of sneaky learning for kids who are drawn into a funny app about farting!

Little Luna Big Talent

There are mini games as well, like practicing toot target-shooting with her dad, doing yoga with her mom, and matching musical melodies with her brothers that show the unique ways Luna and her family utilize their special talents. This app would be highly entertaining for kids ages 4 to 8 years old.

little luna big talent

It’s narrated in English, Mandarin Chinese, and German too, so you can use it to expose your kids to foreign languages! Let them play another round if they watch in Mandarin!

What secretly educational entertaining apps are your kids playing with? Please share! Thank you!
Bombadier Beetle Fun & Educational App for Kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I would like to meet the genius who created the marketing for this!

  2. Such a cute app. I think all kids love books about farting.
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  3. There are some really neat apps out there!
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  4. Ann

    Hahaha! Oh yes, my kids will like this!
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