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Left Brain/Right Brain Gifts: Day 8 of 12 Days of Shopping

For Day 8 of our 12 Days of Shopping, Jeanette and I thought we’d explore gifts for both sides of the brain for kids and adults. I have a selection of STEAM toys. STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art an Math. I think the math belongs with its more popular cousin,  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), because creativity is the root of all problem solving!

I also have two gift guides that fit the bill:  Science and Math Toys and Gifts for Arty Kids. I’m pulling out tried and true toys that we’ve really enjoyed for Right Brain/Left Brain toys for kids and adults!


science and math toys for kids

gifts for artistic kids

We own a few different sets of Snap Circuits. It’s probably the best science building toy my son has played it and I’ve happily doled out $100 per set because it’s both creative and educational. That’s right! Left and Right Brain. There are many different sets but this one, though pricey, is versatile. I think my son built a crazy amount of projects before he got tired of it.

You can follow the instructions for each project step by step and once you get the hang of it — this is where adults come in– you can wing it and make up projects of your own.

Because Snap Circuits are not an inexpensive toy, I’d recommend using this for a science club and having a small group of kids pitch in for a set. Then (especially in the winter), you can meet weekly to do the projects as a group.

Snap Circuits, $95


Snap Circuits


Perplexus Epic, $23

We’ve tried a few versions of Perplexus and they are all fun. My dog even likes them; he chases the ball when it rolls on the ground and chews on it. I don’t recommend that but the Perplexus is fun for adults and kids alike. It requires hand dexterity, logical and creative thinking to move the metal ball through the 3-D maze. It’s fun but it’s not easy!

Perplexus math toy for kids

Color Cube by Ikoso, $20

This is an artist’s version of the Rubic’s Cube that tests your understanding of color. It’s an optical brainteaser for artists that can also think logically!

Rubic's cube for color theory


Strathmore Art Journal Kit, $15

Unlike a sketchbook, this is not completely free form so it will appeal to those who desire a little structure along with their creativity. There’s even a pocket folder to store images, scraps and photos. It includes 14 project pages, 5 pages of handmade decorative papers, 6 solid colored papers; all on artist-quality drawing paper.

Strathmore art journal kit


It comes in a lime green and turquoise cover as well.

strathmore art journal for kids

art journals for kids


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left brain right brain toys for kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Wonderful selection of gifts for the budding engineer…

  2. Terrific ideas for gifts! Great post!

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  4. Great ideas here! We love Snap Circuits.
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  5. Your decision to explore STEAM is an innovative one. Adding art into the well known acronym is a smart way to address the needs of each side of the brain.

  6. Wow! Color Cube seems like an amazing gift. Would love to get it as a gift
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