gifts for kids who hate art and books for kids who hate reading

Gifts for Kids Who Hate Art and Reading: Day 5 of 12 Days of Shopping

Jeanette and I thought we’d search for gifts today that open young minds; gifts for kids who hate art, and books for kids who don’t like to read.

What gifts have you had success in introducing your kids to something mind-expanding that they have resisted?

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Gifts for Kids Who Hate Art and Reading

Wreck This Journal, $9, to bring out the inner artist in any child!

Here’s a completed Wreck This Journal to see the possibilities!

You think you can’t draw? Ralph Masiello shows ANYONE how to draw step by step. My son likes to draw dragons but each of his books teaches a particular thing. His method really is fool-proof!

Ralph Masiello’s Dragon Drawing Book by Ralph Masiello

Your Life in Comics: 100 Things for Guys to Write and Draw by Bill Zimmerman, $5

This is another fun journal for boys who don’t think they can draw to make their own comic. The added bonus is getting boys to write! You can view a few pages here.


If you want matching doodle journals for boys and girls, here’s a nice pair …

Doodle Diary: Art Journaling for Girls  by Dawn DeVries Sokol, $10

Doodle Sketchbook: Art Journaling for Boys by Dawn DeVries Sokol, 11


I have more ideas for art gifts for kids: Gift Guides for Arty Kids.

gift guides for arty kids


Books for Kids Who Don’t Like To Read

If you have a tween girl, I’d try Raina Telgemeir’s Smile, Drama and Sisters graphic novels. It’s not a set but once you start, you’ll want more. [graphic novels, ages 9 and up]

Start with Smile; it’s about Raina’s dental problems that took three years of her life and began when she accidentally fell and knocked out a tooth.

Drama is about the drama of high school but middle school kids can relate to it as well. Kids who actually perform in school plays will relate to this, especially if they have a crush on someone.

Sisters is her newest and it’s about her sister and the memorable family car trip.

Books for reluctant boy readers who only like Diary of a Wimpy Kid but have completed the series and now panic is setting in? Got you covered because my son was like that too!

Timmy Failure series by Stephan Pastis

I pre-order as soon as I hear that a new one is about to come out because my son will sit in the bookstore and not move, reading this hilarious story of a young detective and his polar bear sidekick. Bonus points that Timmy uses big words. [chapter book, ages 8 and up]

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Timmy Failure: Now Look What You’ve Done

Timmy Failure: We Meet Again

The Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon is another funny one my son loved. There are ten of these; I think we read about half before moving on to another series. It’s about a young dragon, Danny Dragonbreath, who can’t breath fire but the real humor comes from the wry dialogue with his best friend who gets roped into his inadvertent adventures.


Our latest reading epiphany came from the video game Injustice. My son has discovered a love for Marvel and DC Comic superheroes and the comic books as well. It has really cool graphics and allows you to battle any superhero at will. You can pit Good vs Good or Good vs Evil as you see fit.

Marvel Encyclopedia by Matt Forbeck

Marvel The Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide by Alan Cowsill

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way by Stan Lee

DC Comics: A Visual History by Daniel Wallace

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I have a gift guide: Toys to Motivate Kids to Read too!

toys to get kids reading



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gifts for kids who hate art and books for kids who hate reading

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I have gotten wonderful feedback from kids who have read my book, The Crystal Navigator, a little girl’s adventure back in time to meet five great artists.

  2. I’ve bought the Doodle Diary — it’s a lot of fun. There are other titles too. I also found other big doodle books at Walmart that I really like and give as gifts.

    Love the book mark idea with a timer. Glad I stopped.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Win a Kindle Loaded with 50 Books for Tweens and TeensMy Profile

  3. My middle grade children\’s book, The Crystal Navigator, is now recommended reading in MD, VA, and MA schools. “This is the kind of book that sparks childrens’ imagination and provides a launchpad for a love of art.” Kid Literature Authors

  4. sunny

    I think the “Wreck this Journal” type of journals are also great for those that hate writing. We have that one for DD11, “Doodle Sketchbook” for DS8 and I just bought “Dude” for my nephew (9). DS8 also love “Dragonbreath”! 🙂

  5. Mary Hill

    Thanks for stopping by Book Musing Mondays. These are great ideas. I pinned this article to the Book Musing Monday’s PInterest board too. 🙂 The form will not let me leave the url though.
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