How to Jump Rope Like a Supermodel

I’ve been jumping rope for the past year as part of my boxing training with my mom group of friends and we’ve all complained about it for various reasons.

  • We suck at it.
  • It’s ridiculously difficult to jump rope for a short duration as, say, a mere two minutes.
  • We know we could do it in elementary school!
  • It makes us pee in our pants. Which is very embarrassing.

Why do boxers jump rope anyway?!

  • Footwork
  • Conditioning/Endurance
  • Speed/Quickness
  • Confidence

Then I happened upon a video of supermodels who box for fitness. Turns out they can jump rope pretty well too.

Doutzen Kroes

Adriana Lima

When we asked our boxing trainer why the supermodels are so great at jumping rope (and we are not), he said that it’s simply practice. We COULD have the same skills if we just put in a little (or a lot) more time (depending on our coordination).

How to Jump Rope Like a Supermodel

So, we started putting in more time. And this is what we learned:

  • Moms, empty your bladder before you begin. It’s a critical first step.
  • If you have a weak bladder or just want extra insurance, try Always Discreet which you can find at Target.
  • Always Discreet
  • Buy a good jump rope. I like one with hinges that spin so the rope doesn’t get tangled. At a mere $10, it’s an easy investment in your health! (I tried the leather jump rope; too heavy. The plastic jump rope; got tangled. The weighted jump rope; way too heavy and hurts when it whacks you. Don’t get those!)
  • (Click on image to view at Amazon. I’m an affiliate.)
  • Adjust the jump rope for your height. Put one foot in the middle of the jump rope and point the handles so that they hit your arm pits. That’s the correct length. You can go slightly longer if you prefer but use that as your starting point.
  • Now, to begin, simply rotate your wrists while keeping a steady tempo with your feet. Try two feet together. You can move on to different patterns as you get more skilled and are easily bored.

If you want to try Always Discreet, I have some coupons for you! They really do work to protect against bladder leaks!

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It’s ok to have bladder leaks when jumping rope at boxing practice with your mom friends because we can all laugh about it together, but anywhere else, it’s pretty embarrassing. All you need to get into shape is a jump rope and maybe a box of Always Discreet.

What kind of exercise are you enjoying? Please share!

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I was never really good at jumping rope even as a child. Think I will stick to my elliptical, weights and stretch cords. At least now I know how I should have been doing it!

  2. Boy did you give me my chuckle for the day! Fun post which I’m sure others will enjoy. I jumped rope really well as a child. Wouldn’t try now. Will keep to walking daily.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Lost Girl FoundMy Profile

  3. You’re good, Mia!

    How about jump roping to music, or a certain beat?

    I love how your dog is sniffing about it the background too.

  4. Beatriz

    I was never really good at jumping rope. Now I know how I should have been doing it! thanks .

  5. The video that taught about jump roping sure looked interesting. In fact, it’s actually part of the basic activities in a jump higher to dunk program that my son is learning about. Since he’s trying out for his basketball team at the middle school I figured it would help him out.

  6. As a male jump roper your article made me smile when you recommend I might try “Always Discreet” for some extra insurance 🙂
    David recently posted…Jump Rope Fitness ConditioningMy Profile

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