Tai Lee golf player for University of Hawaii

Happy 19th Anniversary Honey!

I knew a few things when I met my honey:

  • That within a week of meeting him I knew that I met my future husband. (It took him a few years to figure that out though!)
  • I would become a golf widow (though I took up golf to avoid that).
  • It would be hard to ever stay mad at him because he makes me laugh.
  • That I would marry him all over again!

Tai Lee

When I met my husband 21 years ago, he looked like this.

Mama C and the Boys noticed on my Instagram account when my husband finally made an appearance on my social media. He’s a bit elusive when it comes to being in front of the camera. See what I mean?

Tai Lee golf player for University of Hawaii

At a photoshoot at the golf clothing apparel company that I started after business school (now defunct).

The photos I have of him before I started taking photos of him revolve around golf. He practiced 18 hours a day during the summers because it was just fun for him.

Happy 19th Anniversary  Tai Lee

He started playing golf at around age 9 and never looked back.

Happy 19th Anniversary PragmaticMom husband

photo (25)

Tai Lee golfer

High school golf yearbook photos.

Happy 19th Anniversary, amateur golf champion Tai Lee

But what else makes him happy besides an eagle or a hole in one? I thought I’d ponder that list in honor of our 19th anniversary.

19 Things That Make My Husband Happy

1. When the bed is made.

2. When anyone notices a small detail in our house that he agonized over like a drawer pull,  the hinge on the door, or the molding around the windows.

3. When the house is clean.

night of engagement Tai Lee Mia Wenjen

The night he proposed. We are at a bar in Carmel called Sadies on New Year’s Eve. After midnight, we walk on Carmel beach and onto the 10th green at Pebble Beach which is accessible off the beach. It’s the not the famous hole which makes PickyKidPix think it could have been a better moment.

4. When UCLA beats USC (or when anyone beats USC’s football team).

5. When FC Barça beats Réal Madrid (or when anyone beats Réal Madrid).

Happy 19th Anniversary

We’re engaged!

6. A hot bowl of pho, even on a hot day.

7. The dive Brazilian buffet restaurant near our house especially on Fridays, fish stew day!

8. Houseplants.

first apartment Happy 19th Anniversary

Our first ratty apartment in West Los Angeles.

9. When the temperature is above 60 degrees.

10. That his work attire is now work boots and paint encrusted hoodies.

11. Discovering new country rock bands that can actually carry a tune like The Avett Brothers.

12. When he gets home and there’s a nice hot dinner waiting for him.

13. When the kids actually do the thing he asks them to do without repeating himself over and over again.

Happy 19th Anniversary

14. When he hits the exact golf shot he’s going for. It’s not necessarily making a birdie or eagle but hitting that difficult shot.

15. When UCLA has a great basketball team. (His alma mater; they won the NCAA championship in 1993, the year we met.)

Tai Lee and friends

His bachelor posse.

16. When his kids display their good manners to adults thus dispelling the fear that people will think they were raised by wolves (because he thinks I was raised by wolves).

17. Bud Lite in a can. Yes, he’s had scores of other beers but he just prefers Bud Lite in a can and he’s not afraid to say it.

Tai Lee Rose Wenjen Mia Wenjen

Meeting my mother.

18. Waking up each morning, thus cheating death for one more day.

19. Being married to me! Happy Anniversary honey!

Happy 19th Anniversary

19 years and 3 kids! Who would have thunk?

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Great post!! Happy Anniversary and here is to many more happy years together. Thanks for sharing your anniversary with all of your readers, I especially loved looking at the photos.
    Alex Baugh recently posted…Saturday Roundup #2: Other Books I Read, Rated But Didn’t Review This WeekMy Profile

  2. Melissa Gulley

    Mia, this is so sweet and touching!
    Great post!

  3. What a wonderful post, Your husband is lucky to have you!

  4. Happy Anniversary and many more to you!

  5. Tai Lee

    I would marry you all over again too!!! Love you more than words can say. Happy Anniversay!

  6. Giora

    Happy anniversary, Mia, to you and your husband and many more anniversaries to celebrate. I like your photo after point 13.

  7. Happy 19th annivesary. You are both so lucky — sounds like you balance each other. You have your own interests and come back to celebrate them together with each other. Love the family photo.

    I have two grandsons playing golf for Ohio State University.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…A Time fo DanceMy Profile

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Looks like you married a pretty awesome guy 🙂
    maryanne recently posted…Easy Giraffe Sewing Pattern and Giraffe Coloring PageMy Profile

  9. Ann

    Look at that back swing!
    He sounds like a great guy and love all the pictures!
    BTW, I knew right away too 🙂

  10. Happy anniversary! Love those pictures.
    iGameMom recently posted…App News : Smokey Bear and the Campfire KidsMy Profile

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