amazing videos to share with kids

The Kid Should Really See This Part II

My son curated the curated videos made for adults but great for kids at The Kid Should See This. I’m sharing 4 videos that I loved from this great newletter.

The Kid Really Should See This!

The Washington Ballet’s Hardest Dance Moves

If you had doubts that ballet is a sport, watch this video and be convinced! They are amazing athletes!

Animated History of Planet Earth

I loved this history of planet earth via animated graphics. It held my son’s attention for 7.21 minutes. In YouTube time, that’s like 7 hours!

The Amazing Intelligent Crow

I had to search through dozens of crow experiments to find this exact video that I saw months ago, but that video really stayed with me so it was worth the search. The crow using multiple tools to get to the prize; not so different from apes or humans!

Circus Circulus

This Brit circus troupe uses abandoned warehouses to set up shop. My son and I were mesmerized by their performances.

Bonus Because I Could Not Resist!

Seattle Public Library Sets Domino Book Chain World Record

Don’t even think about the reshelving; just enjoy!

The Seattle Public Library launched the 2013 Summer Reading Program by setting a new world record for the longest book domino chain. The chain contained 2,131 books, and took 1 minute and 54 seconds to fall.

amazing videos to share with kids


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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Amazing how stereotypes can color our perception of things.

  2. These are great short videos for kids. I was even interested in the animated earth, the crow and the British circus troupe. Such great shares.

    Have you seen the video of the elephant that paints its own self portrait. Makes you really think.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Upside Down and BackwardsMy Profile

  3. AWESOME!!! The crow is amazing! It is pretty cool! 🙂
    Erik ThisKidReviewsBooks recently posted…Review! No More Slooping, Sara Sue! by Ali PfautzMy Profile

    • Hi Erik,
      I KNOW!!! That crow!! I watched it a year ago but could not get that crow video out of my mind! I had to search for a half hour to find that particular one. There are a bunch of crow experiment videos out there. I guess the crow is a favorite animal to test for intelligence but we still don’t really understand to what extent is truly is smart!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10 Ninja Books for Kids Ages 4 through 16My Profile

  4. Ann

    Planning to watch these tonight with my son. He loved the last list!

  5. Enjoyed sitting with my kids and watching! My son loved the one about the earth. He wants to watch more of them… as soon as we have time!

  6. Wow, those dancers are AMAZINGLY beautiful! I just love ballet. It’s so elegant. Gorgeous how they can do such amazing things!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Mia!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Why Not Home? The State of Maternity Care in AmericaMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa,
      I KNOW!!! I knew ballet dancers are amazingly flexible and able to jump high in the air but those moves are remarkable. My mom friend has two kids; the son is a serious downhill skier and trains year round, the daughter is a serious ballet dancer with the Boston Ballet. The mom showed the video to the son saying, “See, dancers are athletes too. You try to do it.” And it’s true!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Top 10 Ninja Books for Kids Ages 4 through 16My Profile

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