summer reading ideas, what counts as reading

Summer Reading Ideas: What Counts as “Reading”

Please welcome my guest author today, Donna Lasinski of ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program. 

summer reading, caught in the act of reading

What is Reading?

Summer reading is a time honored tradition for adults and children alike.  But what really counts as summer reading?  With my three boys, we can often haggle over what “counts” for their daily reading time.  So, with the benefit of insights from other parents, teachers and researchers, here is what my family has decided “counts”:

summer reading, caught in the act of reading

  1. Chapter books of any type – Seems obvious, but when it is the 6th book about a soccer star, sometimes I must grind my teeth and grin.
  2. Graphic novels – Yes, the word count is much lower, but my teacher friends tell me that the comprehension is actually more difficult because it involves so much visual interpretation.
  3. Guiness Book of World Records – Okay, this one may be unique to our household, but reading about the most tattooed man counts.
  4. Audio books – This one was tricky.  However, reading experts opened my eyes to the value of modeling fluent reading, teaching critical listening, and introducing vocabulary that is unique to audio books.
  5. Digital e-books – Here I am talking about “enhanced” books, with sounds and gizmos and gadgets.  Still counts as reading.
  6.  Web surfing – This one is very fuzzy.  Our rule is it only counts if you can come and share with me the specific idea or article you read.
  7.  Magazines – While I like National Geographic for Kids best, any magazine counts.

And so, as we enter another summer filled with adventure and quiet times, my sons and I have an agreement to continue to haggle over for their daily reading time.

Donna Lasinski

Donna Lasinski is a mother of 3 boys and an avid reader with a passion for kids and education.  Watching kids slip behind year after year after long summer breaks, Donna created who created the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program to return kids to school confident and ready to learn in the fall.  Partnering with parents, teachers, researchers and kids, Donna wrote the Parent Guide to Summer and grade specific activity books for Pre-K through 7th heading into 8th grade.

summer reading, caught in the act of reading

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summer reading ideas, what counts as reading

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I love that you touched on web surfing in here- I think it would be nearly impossible for my daughter to go look up an article and read it on the web at her age… but she loves her graphic novels!

  2. Ann

    I like too that you are counting web research. I do a lot of reading online! Although it always feels good to shut down the screens and read actual books!
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