Mr Avila Miss Nelson is Back video

Mr. Avila’s Kindergarteners Act Out Miss Nelson is Back!

Last year, Mr. Avina’s kindergarte class from Los Angles United School District acted out Miss Nelson is Missing. It was adorable!

Do you know about the Miss Nelson picture book series? I had a copy but didn’t really read it until my babysitter, Kate, said that it was her favorite book of all time as a child.

Miss Nelson is Missing! by Harry G. Allard, Jr., illustrated by James Marshall

The kids in Room 207 are out of control. When their teacher Miss Nelson goes missing, they hear rumors that the substitute, Miss Viola Swamp, is tough as nails! They try their usual shenanigans but the sub isn’t taking it. When will Miss Nelson return?! [hilarious picture book, ages 4 and up]

Mr. Avina’s kindergarten class is back with their film adaptation of the classic Miss Nelson is Back.


Miss Nelson is Back by Harry G. Allard, Jr., illustrated by James Marshall

Miss Nelson has to go away for a week and the kids in Room 207 are going to act up again. Or are they? What is their sub is Miss Viola Swamp?! [hilarious picture book, ages 4 and up]


Mr. Avila says, “Most of my students come from working-class, immigrant families. They’re all English language learners and some of them have special needs. Poverty (and the problems that come with it) are very prevalent in our community, so to see them take on this epic project (and succeed) is very inspiring to say the least.

Our film is about 14 minutes long (not necessarily “quick”), so I have also divided our movie into 2-minute clips which are also available on our YouTube channel. By posting it online, I hope to teach my students that technology can be used not just to consume media, but to create it.

As their teacher, I see the potential in them and the good in their hearts. I also see the obstacles that may come their way, so it’s my hope that they will look back at this film someday and see that, at their core, they are good & capable of greatness. Enjoy!”

Watch these talented kindergarteners act out this comical story as they cover songs by The Ramones, Janet Jackson, Madonna, and Fatboy Slim. Kindergarten movie magic!

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Mr Avila Miss Nelson is Back video

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Jim Westcott

    Love this fun connection to reading. Having this so these students can watch it as an entire production and view it in various forms of media is powerful. Like the music choices too:)

  2. I haven’t read this series. Sounds like a good series for early readers! What a cute video.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Leah’s VoiceMy Profile

  3. Melissa Haile

    Fantastic video!!! Great job kindergarteners.

  4. Ann

    I watched it with my kindergartener and he was glued to it! Great video, those kids must be so proud, Mr. Avina too!
    Ann recently posted…Bird PlayMy Profile

  5. I’ve seen this before, somewhere. So cute!
    maryanne recently posted…Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Nurture IndependenceMy Profile

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