Happy Tau Day, June 28, Tau Day, 6/28/2014

Happy Tau Day Today: 6.28

Tau is approximately equal to 6.28, so that makes today, 6/28, Tau day! Happy Tau Day.

One easy way to think of Tau Day is just to eat twice as much pie today as you did on Pi Day (March 14).

tau daytau day

But … uhmm, what exactly is Tau?!

What is Tau? In 2001, Bob Palais published the article “π Is Wrong” in which he argued that the beloved constant π is the wrong choice of circle constant. He instead proposed using an alternate constant equal to 2π, or 6.283… to represent “1 turn”, so that 90 degrees is equal to “a quarter turn”, rather than the seemingly arbitrary “one-half π”.

from Kahn Academy

Does that clear it up for you? No? Me neither! I’m totallly confused to. Let’s check in with Vi Hart for some help.

Tau from Vi Hart

What Tau Sounds Like: A Musical Intrepretation of Tau

Michael Blake, a musician, interprets the mathematical constant Tau to 126 decimal places.

Tau Day


p.s. And get excited for 2015, just one year away, when we will celebrate 3/14/15 9:26:54, both AM and PM, the only two moments in an entire century represented by pi’s first ten digits. From From the Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors

Happy Tau Day, June 28, Tau Day, 6/28/2014

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. AWESOME! That is really cool! I can’t wait to celebrate Pi Day next year! 😀

  2. No! I’ve never heard of Tau Day before, and I totally missed out on all the celebrating! Okay, so next year will be a fantastic Tau Day at least…
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…2-Ingredient Pizza Dough!My Profile

  3. Never heard of Tau Day before and the math confused me even more. But, I enjoyed the video. Our grandson will celebrate his 30th birthday on 3/14/15 next year. That’s cool. Hadn’t thought that far in advance.
    Patricia Tilton recently posted…Fly AwayMy Profile

  4. Oh fun! Another nerdy day to celebrate!
    maryanne recently posted…Setting Monthly Goals: July 2014My Profile

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