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Yoga for Kids Bedtime Picture Book of the Day GIVEAWAY

I’m excited to introduce you to my friend Giselle today. Giselle blogs at Kids Yoga Stories and recently moved to my neck of the woods from Northern California so we are actually able to meet in person! Such a rare and unusual treat for bloggers! You probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that she is a yoga instructor, a teacher and a mom!  She was inspired to bring yoga to kids through picture books and hence the Kids Yoga Stories was born!

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My own kids have each tried yoga in their own way. Grasshopper and Sensei, age 14, has really tight hamstrings and quads like her mama, so she hated yoga. It was torture for her. But, as the result of injuries related to tight muscles and soccer, she had to do physical therapy and yoga to stay healthy. Now, she takes a Teen Girls Yoga class weekly and actually enjoys it. (The foot massages and lavender sachets for her eyes don’t hurt either!).

PickyKidPix is as flexible as a pretzel but she has trouble sitting still even at 12 years old. Yoga, she tells, makes her feel calm. I used to bring her to a Vinyasa Flow class taught by a friend of mine and she would do the entire 75 minute class with me. These days, she uses certain poses like Frog and Half Pigeon to stretch out her groin muscles that get sore from soccer.

My son thinks yoga is just plain fun. He likes to me to call out poses for him to hold at bedtime. He will hold them for 2 seconds and topple over in a burst of giggles.

So, do yoga and bedtime stories go together? I think so! Have your kids ever tried yoga before bedtime?

Kids Yoga Stories, Good Night Animal World, Giselle Shardlow

Kids Yoga Stories picture book series.

Yoga Picture Book for Kids

Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story  by Giselle Shardlow

Giselle bids us to say good night to different animals around the world. Characters from her picture book series introduce young readers to both the animals and the poses they inspire. Perch like a bald eagle, crouch like a tiger, and curl up like a sloth before drifting off to sleep! [picture book, ages 2 and up]

Good Night, Animal World Picture Book Giveaway

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Kids Yoga Stories, PIcture Book of the Day, Good Night Animal World, yoga picture book for kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Cecily

    Love encouraging kids to do yoga!! Such benefits for us, as moms, and them 🙂

    • Hi Cecily,
      Kids are naturally so great at yoga too!! They are flexible and think that holding a pose is a fun game (at least my kids). Now that my kids are older, we use yoga when they are sore from sports to prevent injury. I love that yoga helps for that too and you can use shorthand to get them going. My middle child gets tight in her groin from soccer so I’ll remind her: frog, half-pigeon and that pose where you put your feet together and bend forward. It really does help tremendously!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Meeting Ridley Pearson and Rick RiordanMy Profile

  2. Valerie

    My favorite pose is child’s pose!

  3. This is a very interesting book. I like how it shows how animals and yoga are related.
    Erik – TKRB recently posted…Perfect Picture Book Friday! Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia by Michael ArndtMy Profile

  4. Melinda

    My favorite pose is warrior pose. At a time in my life when I first started yoga, I needed to feel that strength and was surprised by the mind/body change. Now, I have tried to teach some poses to my 2 year old son, and he loves to mimic my poses. How terrific that a series of books exist to incorporate his love of movement!

  5. I love Giselle’s books! So nicely done!
    maryanne recently posted…Children Need Free TimeMy Profile

  6. Haven’t tried yoga yet, but would like too.

  7. Giselle’s books are all wonderful! We loved love loved goodnight world! It’s such a great way to relax and fall to sleep.

    Plus, we learn great things about other regions of the world. In her Australian book, we learned about some very interesting animals – that we then researched further.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Easter 2014 – Rent-a-Chick and Dyeing Easter Eggs Last Minute!My Profile

  8. Ann

    Your son sounds so cute!
    My kids went to a preschool where they did yoga. They also occasionally do yoga on TV. It is funny because I think it would be something kids wouldn’t have patience for but in my experience, that is not true. I am a big fan, I know it helped me much more than physical therapy and anything that can calm kids is good.
    Thanks for the intro to Giselle and her books!
    Ann recently posted…Health UpdateMy Profile

    • Hi Ann,
      Thanks! We should do more yoga than we do and I think having a bedtime story like Giselle’s series is a good reminder to make it a part of everyday life. My kids could use calming down too, especially at night. Sometimes they are too wound up to go to sleep and yoga would help for that!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Meeting Ridley Pearson and Rick RiordanMy Profile

  9. We loved this book. We joined their blog tour and had a blast reading this book. It is great before bedtime, although a little too fun some times, he he. Thanks for linking this great giveaway into the Kid Lit Blog Hop
    Julie Grasso recently posted…Writing Process Blog TourMy Profile

  10. Dawn Green

    Yes, my preschooler and I do yoga together and we love downward dog!

  11. Wow! I love my morning yoga and you have truly got me thinking about how this can be beneficial for my kids! They are still toddlers but it’s never to early to instill healthy habits! Thanks for sharing!
    Shana recently posted…Easter Weekend and some Hubby TimeMy Profile

  12. Mia – thank you so much for sharing our yoga bedtime book! What an honor for the book to be your Picture Book of the Day. Hooray! Hope your readers enjoy this one! I love that your children all practice yoga too. 🙂

  13. andie

    I used to do it with the kids when they were a little younger but my husband and I would love to get back into it with the kids as well.

    • Hi Andie,
      I used to do yoga a year ago too! It’s so easy to fall out of doing it but it feels soooo good when you get a chance to practice again! I hope you get time but I totally understand how busy it gets with kids. We moms seems to come last!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Little Pim Twitter PartyMy Profile

  14. Obviously I love yoga. It’s hard to pick a favorite pose because different poses are “the best” at different times, but I think down dog might be my favorite. I really like malasana (low squat) too.
    Yogamama recently posted…Christian File Folder GamesMy Profile

    • Hi Yogamama,
      I love your moniker! And you’re so right about different poses being “best” at different times for me as well though I always love Child’s Pose and my kids tease me because I sit in malasana all the time. They think it’s weird but I find it comfortable; more so than to sit on a stool in our kitchen!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Little Pim Twitter PartyMy Profile

  15. Amy G

    I love yoga- my favorite pose depends on the day, but dancer’s pose always leaves me smiling.

  16. Penny Hewey

    I have done yoga and my favorite pose is the warrior pose and any variation of it.

  17. Such a creative idea for a series of children’s books! Both of my grandsons would love this creature book! Thanks for sharing and hosting the Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    Cheryl Carpinello recently posted…Billy and the Monster Who Ate All The Easter Eggs Book BlastMy Profile

  18. Leslie N

    Two favorite poses: for strength: warrior pose and for calming: child’s pose.

  19. Cassandra S.

    Child’s Pose is always my friend.

  20. Randy

    What a great idea! Yoga for kids. The benefits will last a lifetime. If you can just keep their interest; hope you can find a way to keep them into it….Best of luck!
    Randy recently posted…Flat FeetMy Profile

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