kids and nunchucks, should kids learn nunchucks

Nunchaku: My Son Teaches Himself Nunchucks

It was a long winter break and I didn’t plan anything special to entertain the kids. After a week of being mostly house bound, out of sheer laziness I took my kids to check out the crafts store, hoping that a few key purchases would keep them entertained and off screens.

My son only wanted two rolls of Duck duct tape so he was easy to please. When he got home, he used aluminum foil and makes what he always makes with duct tape and aluminum foil: weapons. This is the third set of nun chucks he has made, and they were a little short when he went to use them, so I finally asked him if he wanted a real pair.

nun chucks, nunchucks, nunchucku

My son’s duct tape crafts from top to bottom: a ball handled weapon, a grappling hook, a hammer,  nunchucks and a sword. 

Of course he did.

He had taken a few years of karate but the only weapon Chun Kuk Do uses is the bo staff. Perhaps it was my fault that I perked up his interest in Nun Chucks. I had shown him this video of a Bruce Lee commercial for Nokia playing ping pong using nunchucks.

I steered clear of the nunchaku toys and got one from Ace Martial Arts Supply for $7. It’s for beginners.

nunchucks, nunchaku

The nunchucks arrived within a few days. I was happy to see that the nunchucks have puffy foam handles. That shouldn’t hurt if it whacks you in the head!

My son screamed with excitement when he opened the box. He promised that he would not use them as a weapon against his sisters (or anyone) and went to work to practice. But how to learn?

He assured me that he’d find a YouTube video. He used this one:

And then he practiced and practiced and practiced.

I asked him if he wanted to take karate again but, no, he didn’t. He just wants to learn how to use martial art weapons but it’s tough to find a class that does’t require you to be a part of their karate school.

So, how do you feel about your kids self learning? How about if it is something like learning to use martial arts weapons? I have to say that I am partial martial arts as I feel it’s part of my kids’ Asian heritage. I am amazed, though, about how successfully you can train using just YouTube videos.

p.s. So it turns out that the video clip of Bruce Lee playing ping pong is a viral hoax. Still, it’s pretty cool!

This video clip purportedly showing actor and martial arts master Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nunchaku (also called “nunchucks” or “nunchuks”) is a digital creation intended as a viral advertisement for the Nokia N96 Limited Edition Bruce Lee cell phone, produced in 2008 (thirty-five years after Lee’s death) by the Beijing office of the JWT (J. Walter Thompson) advertising agency.

The video employed a Bruce Lee look-alike actor pretending to play ping-pong against an opponent, their movements sychronized to the sounds of a genuine table tennis match, with the final audio and the visual image of the ball being added to the clip in post-production.

p.p.s. There is no visual trickery to my son’s video LOL!

p.p.p.s. Here’s my son’s Nunchuck Blooper video.

kids and nunchucks, should kids learn nunchucks

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. I am amazed at the patience your son displayed throughout the learning process. It does prove that children can be persistent when truly interested in learning about something.

  2. KAG

    Yes. Good choice to get the foam ones. I taught myself as a kid with the wooden ones (Ouch!). Check the laws in your state. Keep them in the house or the martial arts school. They are prohibited in some states. Your son displayed great creativity creating a grappling hook with duct tape!! Awesome.

  3. Bekki

    I love it when I get a glimpse of parents allowing their kids to follow a passion. I have 5 boys and can totally relate to your son’s desire to learn about nunchucks:). I love that he took the time to really learn and practice!

  4. Cool! I got a real (6ft) whip when I dressed up as Indiana Jones. I have promised to always:1. be away from people when I use it,2. wear safety goggles when using it, and3. be outside when I use it.I will not use YouTube. I will use trial and error. I like whips. 🙂

  5. Brittnei

    I’ve done a lot of self learning for several things growing up. I think sometimes it’s definitely ok with kids. Very interesting that he was able to teach himself how to do this. Thanks so much for sharing this one with us at Countdown in Style too. 🙂
    Brittnei recently posted…Celebrating Shabbat as a Believer in YeshuaMy Profile

  6. I love how you encouraged your son in his interests.

    Much Love!

    Love love love love love.
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Me-Ify Potty App ReviewMy Profile

  7. Mia, I love how creative your son is… A little foil and duct tape and he created a whole slew of them. Macguyver in the making!
    April recently posted…Am I Really a Grownup? {#FTSF}My Profile

  8. The collection of duct tape and foil swords made me smile. In the myriad of things I pick up in the evening before going to bed, this week there has consistently been two or three foil swords and the box of tin foil on the counter. Remnants from my 2nd-grade son’s creations. Absolutely love these kids’ creativity. Thanks for sharing.
    Linda Malcolm recently posted…The Winter HitchhikerMy Profile

  9. this is great, I think nunchaku are great for kids!

  10. Armen

    Very cool. Although they look a little big. The handle should not be longer than this forearm. You might want to trim them with a hacksaw.

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