Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley

Books for Boys 5th Grade: Spy Chapter Book GIVEAWAY!

I’m pleased to be on the blog tour for a fun spy chapter book called Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley. She wrote it with reluctant boy readers in mind, but I had trouble putting it down! Her sense of pacing is perfect. It’s a real page turner with characters you can relate to (kind of like the Percy Jackson gang).

This is the second book of a trilogy. I’m giving the first two books away along with spy gadgets! Please enter below! What is your (or your child’s) favorite spy chapter book? Anyone’s kid into spy gadgets? Please share!


Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley

I’ve been reading a small pile of spy chapter books geared for boys, I think, but this one nailed it for me. It’s fast paced, packed with U. S. history, and it’s funny too! F. T. Bradley says it’s a MG spy thriller for reluctant readers but I think it will draw in readers of all kinds, reluctant or otherwise. [chapter book, ages 8 and up]

5 Quick Questions with Author F. T. Bradley

Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley

1) What spy skills do you possess?
I’d probably make a terrible spy–with my red hair (and I’m five-eleven tall…), it’s hard to be undercover… But I’d like to think I have good observation skills (I love people-watching at the mall :-).

Although I’m not brave like Linc, Ben, or any other spies–I prefer to get my spy excitement from books and movies.

2) I love the U.S. history tie in with George Washington. Were you trying to be a little sneaky slipping in something educational amid the cloak and daggar?
You know, I wasn’t too excited about George Washington at first… No disrespect to our first president. I decided to set Linc’s second adventure in Washington, D.C., so having him hunt for an artifact that belonged to Washington seemed like a natural choice. And since the Double Vision books are a fun, exciting adventure first and foremost, I wasn’t too worried about being educational.

But then I found out that George Washington was a spy during the Revolutionary War, and that changed my whole perspective. He even had a code name (711, as you might have guessed from the title)–how cool is that?

The truth is, I didn’t really have to be sneaky. I just did my research on the Culper Ring (America’s first spies), and the story practically wrote itself. All the educational elements are things that genuinely interest me. I hope kids will share my excitement over this bit of (spy) history surrounding George Washington. It’s so cool.

3) Your spy chapter book has impeccable pacing. Could you please share a writing or editing tip on how you achieve this?
I set out to write for reluctant readers, but the truth is that I’m one myself. So as I’m plotting, I make sure the story is always moving forward, and I edit with that in mind. If I get  bored with the story or find myself glossing over bits of writing, I look for ways to pick up the pace, cut unneeded elements to get to the core of the story.

I’m not a very strong narrative writer. Most of the book is written in scenes: very action- and dialogue-driven. It also helps to have good editors–I’m lucky to be at Harper Children’s.

4) The U.S. president … is a woman?! Love it! When do you think this will happen in real life? Do you think planting that idea subversively in a children’s chapter book will help? I hope so! 
The truth? When I first started plotting Double Vision: Code Name 711, I had a male president… I realized that was a stereotype I brought to the table from my generation, and I felt a little ashamed. Why did I think of a man when I imagined the president?

Something I find as I do school visits (and with my own tween kids) is that this new generation is incredibly open-minded, positive, and kind. The gender stereotypes I grew up with are eroding (thank goodness), so it’s up to me to live up to today’s kids outlook when I write the Double Vision books. And a female president would be something completely natural for kids now, so that’s how I wrote it.

Personally, I would love to see a female president in real life… Isn’t it about time?

5) How many books do you think you’ll write for your Double Vision series?
This series is written to end with book three–a trilogy. I’m wrapping up Linc’s adventures with the third book as this second book comes out…

It’s hard to let Linc go–he’s such a blast to write. I love hearing how kids connect with the story. I feel privileged to write middle-grade: it’s fun and keeps me on my toes.


Trailer Time! Double Vision: Code Name 711

Books for Boys 5th Grade: Spy Chapter Book GIVEAWAY!

I am giving away a kid spy package that contains the first two books in the series (hardcover) and several kid spy gadgets–a fun packet for MG kids that are into all things spy!

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Double Vision: Code Name 711 by F. T. Bradley

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Dee

    Hmmmm…. What spy gadget would I like. I think a really smart car. One that could raise up and drive over other cars or drive over water.
    Dee recently posted…We can rebuild him. He is the Six Billion Star Man.My Profile

  2. Jeanette Nyberg

    I love your interviews Mia – and this book looks extremely fun. I wonder if my 5th grader is alowed to read it since she’s a girl. Hmmmmm….maybe I’ll try anyway 🙂
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Fall Cash GiveawayMy Profile

  3. This sounds like a very fun book, and I don’t think we read any yet. My personal favorite spy gadget would be a concealed weapon – something that looks innocent enough and then turns deadly – something like Riptide from Percy Jackson’s novels 🙂
    Natalie recently posted…Open-Ended Art with RocksMy Profile

  4. Kelly

    These books look great – for girls too! My two girls loved the hard-to-find Hannah West books (4 of them) by Linda Johns about a girl adopted from China by a single mom (like our family) who spies and investigates mysteries! We all wish there were more of them! Our favorite spy gadget is the periscope that my daughter designed and built from scratch!

  5. I’ve always thought that Google Glasses would make a great spy gadget 🙂
    maryanne recently posted…Calvin and HobbesMy Profile

  6. This book is AWESOME! That’s a cool prize pack you are giving away! 😀
    Erik – This Kid Reviews Books recently posted…It’s (almost) Halloween! What are you Reading?My Profile

  7. sunny

    This books sounds great for my son AND daughter!
    For a spy gadget…extra eyes and ears would be great…maybe a super-hearing aid with x-ray vision glasses. 🙂

  8. I have two reluctant readers who would love the books and the spy gadgets! Thanks

  9. andie

    …some sort of spy, binocular-type glasses.

  10. Sandra Matthews

    Thank you for sharing this book. I’m anxious to get my son started.

  11. Spy gear hmmmmm, I would have to say something that makes me fly. How fun would that be?
    Rebecca Flansburg “Franticmommy” recently posted…Funky Ideas to Shake Up HalloweenMy Profile

  12. 1110cg

    I always loved the spy glasses that are featured in many old spy movies.

  13. This is quite fun! Looking forward to more amusing books and stories from this site. Great post, really!

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