Archery For Kids for the Sheer Joy of It

Grasshopper and Sensei loves The Hunger Games. When she went to sleepaway camp this summer, one of her favorite activities was archery. When she hit 5 bullseyes, she reached Level Katniss and then she stopped keeping track but she did ask me to find her an archery range when she returned home.

At Mother/Daughter Weekend at her camp, I was forced to sail a Sunfish (actually, it was me screaming on the bow of the boat as we nearly hit other boats, kayaks, and submerged tree trunks), run for my life in a competitive game of Freeze Tag, make a bead necklace, sleep in a tent, and shoot 5 arrows at the archery range.

My first three attempts at archery completely missed the target. But attempt number 4 was the ellusive bullseye. I can see how easy it is to get hooked!

I found a place for her in Norwood, MA that just opened called Bay State Archery. It’s not terribly convenient but we have been to that area for Futsol. They say that training classes start the first weekend of every month. You can make a reservation for the September session by calling 781-352-0643 or by email at: They also do birthday parties and groups! Hmmm … this could be a fun family outing!

My 8-year-old has been shooting arrows for some time as well at his summer day camp. He’s seems to be fascinated with archery, even building his own bow and arrows from sticks. He can’t decide what to do for his upcoming birthday — everything I’ve suggested (SkyZone Trampoline, Laser Tag, Cooking, Video Game) has been summarily rejected so far — so an archery birthday party might be a good one!

PickyKidPix had archery at her sleepaway camp as well. It’s a YMCA camp but a different one from her sister. She likes it too but said they were onlh allowed to shoot 4 arrows a time!

stick bow and arrow

The Hunger Games — both book and movie —  and Brave are credited with the rising interest in archery for kids. When I asked my 13-year-old if indeed it was The Hunger Games that sparked her interest, she replied, “Duh!” That’s teenage speak for, “Thanks so much mom for noticing my interests, where they derive from, and for researching where to get me the lessons I requested.”

The joy of archery seems to be spreading and archery for kids seems to be growing because of it. Have your kids tried archery and, if so, do they like it?

p.s. Here’s a clip of Katniss when she first realizes how good she is.

This is a video of Jennifer Lawerence’s Olympic archery instructor who talks about what it takes to be a great archer.

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Archery is a sport that I think I really could have gotten into as a child. Unfortunately, it was almost unheard of then. I like the fact that you can compete against yourself and take it to whatever level you please without feeling the pressure like so many other sports.

  2. Catherine Johnson

    My son has just started with a plastic one. He loves it! We got the bug after watching it in the Olympics. I think introverts in particular will enjoy it.
    Catherine Johnson recently posted…Margarita and her dogsMy Profile

  3. Jeanette Nyberg

    I loved archery when I tried it at Girl Scout camp. It was so fun, and then I forgot about it. Hmmmm something to look into! I think a mom-daughter archery class would be fun.
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Knitting For Beginners: A Perfect Kids’ ProjectMy Profile

    • Hi Jeanette,
      I am a big fan of mother-daughter exercising anything. My middle daughter and I have done yoga together and I like to take my kids to martial arts with me. I am trying for a family archery outing. It will be our version of bowling (since we are all bad at bowling). I hope we fare better at archery but from the trash talk at the dinner table, everyone thinks they are great at it. We shall see!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Archery For Kids for the Sheer Joy of ItMy Profile

  4. I was on a short-lived archery team my freshman year of high school. They canceled it due to lack of interest, but I was disappointed – our coach had competed in the Olympics, and I loved it!
    maryanne recently posted…Lessons Moving Can Teach KidsMy Profile

  5. I can see my child developing an interest in archery when she is older. It sounds like your oldest is really serious about it. I should try and read Hunger Games myself.
    Natalie recently posted…What Works For Us – Afterschool Blog HopMy Profile

    • Hi Natalie,
      My oldest does seem motivated but she’s only had archery at summer camp. I think it was The Hunger Games that brought her interest to the next level. She keeps bugging me about signing her up for the class so I better get on it! I am going to book my youngest’s birthday party there so hopefully it will all come together.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Archery For Kids for the Sheer Joy of ItMy Profile

  6. Good to know about the spot in Norwood…a bit far for us too though! I think there is also a place in Acton that gives beginner instruction and supplies equipment, My 10 yr old has been asking for this AND wants to read THG. Something to plan on for school vacation week, I think!
    Cathy Ballou Mealey recently posted…An Artist Date with Milo and ThackeryMy Profile

  7. I would love to try archery! I always thought it looked so fun.
    Erica recently posted…7 Simple Tips for an Enjoyable Family Game NightMy Profile

  8. archery supplies

    I always wanted to do archery but now with my eyes the way they are it is too late

  9. I’ve liked archery since I was a kid, and I even went out to an archery range a few times with my family. There’s something exhilarating about pulling back a bow, and it’s no wonder kids are getting excited about it too after seeing bow-wielding heroes in several movies recently. While my kids are too young to watch the Hunger Games, my daughter especially loves Merida and has been begging for her own bow. I think I’ll be taking her to the archery range soon so she could practice, and of course I’ll tag along so I can get in some practice of my own!

  10. Love the idea of getting kids more interested in archery with some of the awesome titles of today.

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