K'NEX Extreme Sports motorcycle

Staying Off Screens and K’NEX GIVEAWAY

My 8-year-old son is off this week while his sisters are in day camp. One is playing soccer with some members of the FC Barcelona coaching staff, the other is learning hot glass blowing. This is a good week for all my kids as they fulfil their dreams but not so much for me and my husband. We are crisscrossing across Boston suburbs to drive them to their camps battling traffic, limited parking and narrow streets. Thank goodness for car pools!

I did not do any preparation for my son’s week off like I did last summer. My only strategy to keep him off screens is to play with K’NEX sets. I am an blog ambassador for them and my son would agree that the most awesome box just arrived.

Angry Birds Space: Red Planet “Hogs on Mars” Building Set

My son loves Angry Birds and I have an iTunes bill to prove it! iGame Mom had great ideas on keeping boys off screens by doing video game extensions … like book extensions, it takes boys off screens to act out their favorite games. Genius!

K'NEX Angry Birds, K'NEX gaming toys,

K’NEX Building Sets: Extreme Sports

My son picked this set as his favorite and suggested that we do a giveaway for it. It is a wonderful set with enough pieces to keep him occupied for a few days.

K'NEX keeps kids off screens, screen time and boys, Knex

He just built the sport bike rider and has been enjoying it as a toy to take everywhere he goes.

K'NEX Extreme Sports motorcycle

Reminds me of the old days when he was a little boy and never played with screens. He used to carry small plastic Pokémon toys everywhere. And to think I worried about too much Pokémon then. I laugh at myself now!

K'NEX Extreme Sports giveaway

My son says that if you roll the Sport Bike Rider on a wooden floor, it sounds like a motorcycle. He demonstrates in the video.

The suggested retail price  for this set $17.99 and I am doing a GIVEAWAY below. It’s for ages 7+ and available now on knex.com and at toy retailers nationwide.

Do you find that building toys help your kids stay off screens? What are your favorites?

K’NEX GIVEAWAY: Extreme Sports Set

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Christina

    Anything to do with animals.

  2. Jeanette Nyberg

    “Reminds me of the old days when he was a little boy and never played with screens.” Such beautiful words to read 🙂 I’m such a new superfan of K’Nex. I got to play around with some at a bloggy party last weekend and I’m in love.
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Exploring Empathy Through ArtMy Profile

  3. Catherine

    I didn’t know Kinex did so many different styles. I’ll look out for them. My 7 yr old is playing a little bit with lego but he is obsessed with Wii Indiana Jones.
    Catherine recently posted…Saturday morningMy Profile

    • Hi Catherine,
      WII Indiana Jones sounds fun! I didn’t know that existed but I won’t tell my son if you don’t! K’NEX toys have proven to be my son’s of choice over a pretty long period of time. He likes to build little gadgets with them. K’NEX and Magic cards are the only things that tempt him off screens.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Chapter Book to Build Vocabulary GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  4. Maria Gianferrari

    Mia,If your son loves to build stuff I would also highly recommend any kind of Fischertechnik products. They’re on the expensive side, but quite sturdy. My husband is German, otherwise I never would have heard of them. Our daughter, almost 12, isn’t really playing with them much anymore, but it was a very nice father-daughter activity. They built a functioning ferris wheel, and some solar powered stuff. Great for engineers in the making!


    • Hi Maria,
      Wow, those Fischertechnik toys sound wonderful! Going to check them out for my son!! K’NEX also has a functioning ferris wheel if your husband and daughter want to build a second one! I love that your husband has father/daughter bonding time doing fun engineering activities! That’s wonderful!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Chapter Book to Build Vocabulary GIVEAWAYMy Profile

  5. Dee

    He likes books about drawing, especially 3D drawing. He also likes books about WWII.
    Dee recently posted…My child is SOARingMy Profile

  6. Nice! My Mom says that we used to live next to where K’nex were made (I don’t remember) 🙂
    Erik – This Kid Reviews Books recently posted…August 2013 Upper Bucks Free Press ArticleMy Profile

  7. Definitely animals, especially farm animals
    Larissa recently posted…New Product & a Pre-Sale!My Profile

  8. Jennifer Halstead

    My oldest is all about sports and my youngest is obsessed with anything having to do with computers.

  9. Thanks or mentioning iGameMom’s post. We love K’Nex.
    iGameMom recently posted…App Deals : Bad Piggies is Free for Limited TimeMy Profile

  10. barginmom

    building toys would be tinker toys!

  11. My grandson has followed in his uncles’ footsteps and is a HUGE Legos fan, but I think he would also be interested in K’Nex especially this particular set. He is a skateboarder since he about as tall as his board standing on end!

  12. Kim

    Favorite building toys have to be Legos.

  13. My kids love all Legos and K’Nex. We just discovered the K’Nex recently and they are loving them. Their Legos get played with every day. I love watching them create stories and adventures with their creations.
    Modern Mia recently posted…Experimenting with RosesMy Profile

  14. Mia, we are struggling to keep my 9 year old off the screens this summer, too, but here’s what has helped: 1) Building toys and 2)The wonderful book list you created for him! He has finished the list along with all the accompanying books by those same authors. Thank you again!
    We also do at least one major physical activity every day: a long bike ride, a trip to the pool for a couple of hours, the kid gym at a local shopping center. This gets us all out and moving, even the kiddos who aren’t on screens as much, as well as their momma!
    Julie recently posted…Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Wash Less DishesMy Profile

  15. lynn

    This is a great giveaway! My son’s favorite toy right now is Legos. However, at a recent visit to our local science museum, he really enjoyed the KNex they had setting out for the kids to play with.

  16. Asianmommy

    My girls love Lego Friends.
    Asianmommy recently posted…Free Book with Barnes & Noble Summer Reading ProgramMy Profile

  17. Amanda Spencer

    My almost 6 year old so loves building with Legos. Something like this would be perfect for his upcoming birthday!

  18. My kids adore Legos, blocks, and Spielgaben! They haven’t been introduced yet to K’Nex, but I think they would love those as well – my nephew sure does!
    maryanne recently posted…TWO Birthdays!!!My Profile

    • Hi MaryAnne,
      Those Speilgaben toys are amazing. I wish I had known about them when my kids were toddlers! K’NEX toys have been so helpful getting my son off screens. He really loves first building the kit exactly and then tearing it apart and making up his own toys with them. He must made me a fidget. Very simple that you flick from one side to another. I actually use it.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Parenting: Natural Consequences for KidsMy Profile

  19. Laura

    My kids loves Legos and Duplos the most.

  20. We too have to balance free time with something “up our sleeves” during vacation weeks. My kids, former public school kids and now year-round homeschoolers, are horrified at the seeming undending boredom offered by three months off from school– by the end of three or four days they are starting to get the history books off of the shelves to read!

    K’Nex definitely helps keep my younger one busy– he recently built one of the rollercoasters and was delighted that he did it pretty much himself and that it really works! I asked if he would want to do more projects like that, and he said, “Oh yes,” with the solemnity that only a 9YO can muster.
    NittanyJen recently posted…The PensieveMy Profile

  21. We don’t have any K’NEX sets, but daughter enjoys building with other sets we have – I’d say that Zoobs are her favorite with Legos next.
    Natalie recently posted…Week In Review–We Are Back!My Profile

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