LifeProof nuud iphone 5 case

LifeProof Case Giveaway: The new nüüd case!

My girls really want the LifeProof case so badly that they are willing to complete their summer math workbooks to earn one. I had actually ordered two of them for prizes when Natalie from LifeProof, whom I met at BlogHer last year, offered me one to try out.

My daughters want to use the LifeProf case to take underwater photos during our upcoming trip to California to celebrate their grandmother’s 90th birthday. They very much want to try out the new LifeProof nüüd iPhone Case but it’s for an iPhone 5 and they have the iPhone 4.

The new LifeProof case is waterproof, drop proof, dirt proof and snow proof. It’s for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII. I’m not sure how they did it, but the LifeProof nüüd cases leave the screen completely naked, yet are still waterproof. They are the only waterproof and drop proof cases that let you touch the actual screen.

iPhone 5 Lifeproof nuud case

The video below demonstrates the virtually indestructible features (and it’s adorable to boot!).


LifeProof Case Giveaway

To win either a LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII, please enter the Rafflecopter below. Both cases are $89.99.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5 to try out and my opinions are my own. I really did just buy 2 LifeProof iPhone 4 cases for my daughters. They will be delighted to try out the new nüüd case for iPhone 5, if and when they ever upgrade to an iPhone 5.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Wow! I didn’t know these existed. What an amazing product!
    Stacey recently posted…Kindles on AirplanesMy Profile

    • Hi Stacey,
      Well, they are awesome for protecting your smart phone but not inexpensive though if you consider the replacement cost of a destroyed phone and/or phone insurance, the LifeProof looks like a steal of a deal! My kids want to turn their phones into underwater cameras so they were desperate to get one. I think that it would work, though the LifeProof wasn’t necessarily designed to be an underwater camera. It’s shock proof too so your phone is virtually indestructible. Thanks for entering. If you win, do you want the iPhone or Samsung case version?
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…LifeProof Case Giveaway: The new nüüd case! My Profile

  2. Giora

    Taking photos under water is cool. Kudos to Samsung. Have a great trip to California and Happy birthday to your mom.
    Giora recently posted…Baden-Baden and DresdenMy Profile

  3. Would love it for my iPhone 5!
    Dollops of Diane recently posted…Too Much Fun at Bon JoviMy Profile

  4. This is so cool! I’d love to have this for my iPhone! Just last week, my sweet 2 year old decided it needed to go for a swim while his sister’s bath was running!

  5. Brandon

    Iphone lifeproof nuud >>> cool case!

  6. Would love to win a LifeProof nüüd case for iPhone 5 for my wife.
    Thomas Whitley recently posted…Soaring Cost of Higher EducationMy Profile

  7. Jacob Beamer

    The white iPhone 5 nuud case looks amazing, even for my black iPhone!

  8. kayla davis

    Would love to try out a new samsung SIII case!! Had one on my iphone and now with my new phone I moss my old case!!

  9. Kevin Smith

    I love my LifeProof for iPhone5, but the nuud looks even nicer! Let’s go! 🙂

  10. My son has a iphone 4s LifeProof case and loves it! I too would love to have an iphone5 nuud case.

  11. I would love to have the case because I am a klutz with my phone. I have an android HTC Rezound so I guess the one for Samsung would fit.

  12. Nelson

    I would like a shot a winning a nuud case for my iPhone 5, I have been following the company since I began seeing their teaser trailers on YouTube awhile back. It is a great case & a great company. I have had a case ever since I had an iPhone 4. I recently had to give mine up to my wife because her gasket came off of the door. While I wait on a reply for a replacement I was considering getting one for myself, but funds are tight at the moment. I will have to be very careful until she gets her replacement. Good luck everyone!!

  13. Lawrence Wong

    I can’t wait to have one for my iPhone!

  14. Larry

    This is a great contest and i hope i win.

  15. That is an incredible case!
    maryanne recently posted…Crayola Giveaway!My Profile

  16. Chelsea

    This phone case is amazing. Great article! It explains every question I needed answered. If I were to win this giveaway I would absolutely be using this to take underwater pictures in cancun in a week! This phone case is something I desperately need considering I paid 700 for my new iphone 5 all to keep my unlimited data plan :/

    Thank you!

  17. Should could have used a waterproof case on my iPhone last week when we were running thru the sprinklers on the Greenway – ziploc baggie so not chic!
    Lollie – The Fortuitous Housewife recently posted…New Book: A.D.D. is a Gift – A.D.D. from a Positive Perspective!My Profile

  18. Michael Frishkorn

    Love the lifeproof case I just wish I could afford the newer one.

  19. I need a new case for my iPhone 5, and the lifeproof looks awesome!

  20. Ruthie

    love my lifeproof I have. Would love another!

  21. Julianne Johnson

    Thank you for the giveaway! I have an IPhone 5 but I would really like one for the IPad Mini!

  22. Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted a Lifeproof for the iPhone 5!

  23. Mar Golis Rose

    Looks great! I would love to win the iPhone 5 case! 🙂

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