Platypus Police Squad, Jarrett Krosoczka, author event for kids, mystery chapter book,

Crime Scene for Platypus Police Squad

It was a Friday afternoon. I got wind from Kellie at Walden Pond Publishing that something was going down in Dedham, Massachusetts at Blue Bunny Books. She warned me that similar suspicious activities had been happening there as it is owned by author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds of Ish and The Dot. Something involving Jarrett Krosoczka Playtpus Police Squad. I was intrigued. And wary. You can’t be too careful!

What do you think? Is this a crime scene?! The caution tape is certainly suspicious!

Platypus Police Squad, author event, Jarrett Krosoczka,

Why is there cake involved? And who were these two guys on the cake? Did they commit the crime?

Platypus Police Squad, author event, Jarrett Krosoczka,

No, it wasn’t the platypuses. They turned out to be the good guys. Maybe it’s this guy then! Do you know who he is?


Or do you think these lunch ladies look suspicious? They did bring in milk and cookies though. Did you figure out that it’s author Jarrett Krosoczka that is holding the milk and cookies?

That isn’t a crime. Is the Lunch Lady and her sidekick Betty involved somehow? Are they in trouble? Maybe they are here incognito in the blue uniforms. I’m not sure.

Platypus Police Squad, author event, Jarrett Krosoczka,

Perhaps this video will give us a clue. Jarrett gives some history as to how this crime scene began, a long time ago, as the result of a school visit gone awry when he was getting Punk Farm published.

It turns out a mere kid planted the seed for this crime scene. Probably someone like you, kid.

Yeah, I know you’re there. Were you the one who did it?

At last, the clues add up. The crime? You’ll learn more if you listen to Jarrett reading chapter three of his latest chapter book mystery for kids. It has to do with synthetic fish that is making everyone sick. Hope you are not affected!

Platypus Police Squad: The Frog Who Croaked by Jarrett Krosoczka

This is a mystery chapter book for boys and girls who like crime chapter books set in a city populated by anthropomorphic animals of all stripes: platypus detectives, a frog teacher gone missing, and a powerful business man/panda. Zengo and O’Malley, two mismatched detectives are on the case that smells of rotten fish. Illegal synthetic fish that is. Can they put aside their differences to get to the bottom of this crime that seems to involve everyone they know?

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Platypus Police Squad, Jarrett Krosoczka, author event for kids, mystery chapter book,

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. What a cool event to attend! Thanks for sharing your videos with us!
    maryanne recently posted…Play to Promote Language Development: Get Ready for K Through PlayMy Profile

    • Hi MaryAnne,
      No problem. I have more of Jarrett drawing on my YouTube channel and I’ll put them all up if you think you’d enjoy them. I think I have a few more that I haven’t uploaded yet. He is so awesome. I hope that your kids can meet him. He does Skype author visits … just a thought since you will be moving to the West Coast.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Small Business Website: Win One from Go Daddy!My Profile

  2. Wow! Boston is the place to be for awesome authors. We are going to have to plan a trip – even Rick Riordan just moved there. Super cool and great post. Thanks for sharing. Your blog is wonderful.
    Christine M
    Techie for Stanley & Katrina
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: What is your family reading?My Profile

  3. Artchoo

    I love it! I mean, my kids will love it. We’re a big old fan of his work, and it’s always fun to catch a glimpse of these elusive authors behind the scenes.
    Artchoo recently posted…Storage Furniture for KidsMy Profile

    • Hi Artchoo!,
      Jarrett does Skype author visits if you think you can get your school or school librarian to bring him in. I think kids would LOVE it. He’s so funny and great with kids! And his books are awesome. Also, two of his picture books are in development to be made into major motion pictures. Amy Poehler is developing The Lunch Lady! That would be really fun for parents and kids, don’t you think? I don’t know who is developing the other book and I forget which one.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Small Business Website: Win One from Go Daddy!My Profile

  4. Just the name, “Platypus Police Squad” is hilarious!
    Erica recently posted…Summer Treat for Kids: Lemonade with Blueberry Ice SticksMy Profile

    • Hi Erica,
      Jarrett said that originally it started off as a penguin and he drew that character but that was the year of the penguin — penguins of Madagarcar and the dancing penguin animated movie Happy Feet. And its sequel. So he changed it but wanted to keep the alliteration. He liked that the platypus is also an unknown animal in children’s lit. Funny too how his books evolve! I love hearing the back story!
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  5. Once you add animals to the equation Encyclopedia Brown has no chance any more
    Faigie recently posted…It’s summertime: Learn how to create plaster sand casts (video)My Profile

  6. Tanya

    What an awesome cake! My son would love this for his birthday 🙂
    Tanya recently posted…Now Selling 16oz Scented CandlesMy Profile

  7. Yes, it is true. Rick Riordan JUST moved there. At least his blog says so. 🙂 We have to look for Jarrett’s books – we haven’t read any as of yet.
    Have a great weekend!
    Cool Mom (Christine M.) recently posted…A Word Cloud from Chapter One of our Next BookMy Profile

  8. Ann

    Fun! I think my son would especially love it since he loves platypuses. Maybe I will try and read it to him.
    I really enjoyed his TED talk, very inspiring! He is so talented.
    Ann recently posted…Butterfly BushMy Profile

  9. What fun! This really looks like an awesome event.
    JDaniel4’s Mom recently posted…{Fresh and Frozen} Fruit SaladMy Profile

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