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Summer Creative Writing Contest for Kids! Win $100!

Arundel Publishing is holding its first creative writing competition for kids and asking that all contestants write a short story using at least one of your favorite characters from the chapter book Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29 by Axel Avian.

They are looking for action packed stories that refrain from excessive amounts of violence and are overall positive-just like Colt Shore. The length can be whatever you decide. Also, there are two age groups for submission so please specify your age: 10-12 and 13- up.

The winners will receive a $100 cash prize, along with the chance to get their story published!

Please submit all stories by July 30th 2013, to

Happy Writing!

Axel Avian and Crew


Meet Axel Avian: 5 Qs and As

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10 Great Graphic Novels for 3rd Grade

Julie Kirkwood, Creekside Learning
Julie Kirkwood, Creekside Learning • 5 hours ago
Mia, I wish I could pin a whole board in one pin! My son loves graphic novels and I am always looking for new ones for him. Thank you! Also enjoying perusing your lists of books today on the birds and the bees as well as safe touch. Such great resources!

PragmaticMom • 5 hours ago
Hi Julie. This ABCs series is a 5 part post so I hope you find some for your son. How old? I’d be happy to direct you to lists if he’s around 8. I’ve been reading tons with my little boy. He loves them too! I’d also be happy to research and post a customized list for you. I love making those!

Julie Kirkwood, Creekside Learning • 33 minutes ago
Hi Mia, that would be wonderful. He is about to turn 9 this month. He loves all things history and gaming. Thank you! Read more…

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20 Books About Poland For Kids

Alexandra of left me a comment that said, “I love your specific lists! :) So, I wonder if Poland themed books for kids is too big or too little a challange for you? :)

So I thought, “No problem. I’ll research.”

But what I found was a striking lack of diversity in Polish themed books for kids: folk tales and Holocaust and that’s about it! I think this is possibly worse than Japanese American books for kids which seem to singularly focus on WWII internment.

Can you please help me identify more books? As for my list, here are my folk tales and Holocaust books about Poland for kids.


10 Books About Poland for Children

10. Seedfolks by Paul Fleishman and illustrated by Judy Petersen is an exception. I just happened to be reading this after PickyKidPix recommended it and checked it out at the library. Set in inner-city Cleveland, a rough neighborhood is transformed after a little girl dares to clear a patch in a garbage strewn vacant lot to plant a handful of lima bean seeds. Her neighborhood had undergone waves of transformation as new immigrants settled in and then moved out if they could afford to. Once full of Polish immigrants, only a few Caucasians remained but this particular elderly Polish lady plays a pivotal role in getting the lot transformed. An oblique reference to Poland, to be sure, but I wish there were more books with Polish American characters.

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Free Site for Summer Learning Activities for Kids (CWIST)

I received an email from CWIST, a free website for parents and kids, and was intrigued by their idea:

  • Challenges or “cwists” are crowd-sourced from parents, educators, mom bloggers and experts and posted in the cwist library.
  • The cwists can be anything from organizing a community clean-up, researching fun facts for an upcoming family trip, completing a summer reading list or mastering good manners over time.
  • Upon successful completion of a cwist, kids choose parent-approved rewards which can range from a sleepover, day trip, toy or gadget they have wanted or something completely unique and original.
  • This seems like the perfect source for summer learning activities for kids!

Music and Science Fun for Kids

I was pretty impressed by the featured CWIST that was emailed to me. It’s a DIY craft CWIST with a science and music twist. Read more…

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K’NEX Competition with Prizes: A Fun Summer Project!

This sounds fun for kids who like to create with K’NEX. The K’NEXpert Search challenges young builders to design & submit a creative, original model made entirely from K’NEX parts and are judged on creativity, uniqueness and detail.

K'NEX competition for kids, K'NEX 2013 contest,

The contest will have 4 grand-prize winners from four different age groups:

  • 5-6 years old
  • 7-8 years old
  • 9-11 years old
  • 12-14 years old (a new category this year)

Four imaginative children will each receive a prize package valued at $3,650.

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