percy jackson book club for boys,

Percy Jackson Book Club for Boys

3rd Grade Book Club for Boys

We used Percy Jackson’s The Lightening Thief graphic novel for a book club for boys. I had big plans initially. Blue food. Lots of indoor games. Duct tape fun.

When the book club rolled around though, I was tired  with low energy so I ended up doing a very low key book club. No blue food. Spaghetti and meatballs delivered instead.

duct tape sword craft, duct tape and aluminum foil craft for boys,

The first thing we did was break out the duct tape which I had purchased at Staples a few weeks ago and squirreled away. I had a new roll of heavy duty aluminum foil, tape, copy paper, and scissors.

When my kids made duct tape swords a while ago, the girls carefully made forms from copy paper and tape and then covered them in duct tape. They were surprisingly sturdy!

duct tape swords using paper forms

The boys eschewed copy paper for the foil. They managed to use an entire roll. They seemed to prefer sculpting their weaponry from the foil, crushing and molding it until they got it just right. Then, they covered the foil in duct tape.

duct tape swords, percy jackson book club for boys

The black duct tape came in a huge roll. I should have bought grey duct tape from Home Depot too because you can get huge rolls quite inexpensively and use it as the first layer around the foil.

Percy Jackson book club for boys, duct tape swords, duct tape sword, duct tape daggar, the Lightening thief book club for kids

The camo duct tape from Duck Tape was very popular! Dagger and sword sets were also de rigueur.

Percy Jackson book club for boys, the Lightening thief book club for kids, duct tape swords craft

While we constructed the swords, I asked the boys — a captive audience — Percy Jackson trivia questions that I found on the Scholastic site.

1. Who is Annabeth’s mother? Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.

2. Who is Clarisse’s father? Ares, the God of War.

3. What sort of creature is Mr. Brunner? Centaur, half horse/ half human.

4. What sort of creature is Grover? Satyr, half goat/half human.

5. Two words: What is the name of Percy’s boarding school? Yancy Academy

6. How many Olympian gods are there? 12

7. What type of tree is on top of Half-Blood Hill? Pine tree

8. What is Mr. D’s full name? Dionysus, God of Wine

9. What sort of animal head hangs above Ares’ cabin? Boar

10. Name one thing that Hermes is the god of. Thieves. Also messenger god.

11. Who is the wife of Zeus? Hera

12. What is the pattern on Mr. D’s shirt? Tiger stripes

13. Where do Percy and his mother like to go on vacation? Montauk on Long Island.

14. Three words: according to Percy’s mom, how did his dad disappear? Lost at sea.

15. Who is Dionysus’ father? Zeus

16. What is Dionysus restricted from? He can’t drink wine or any other kind of alcohol for 100 years.

17. What part of the Big House seems mysterious to Percy? Attic

18. What does Percy use to defeat Clarisse when she tries to bully him? Water from the toilets.

19. What lives in the canoe lake? Naiads

20. Aside from pinochle, what is another game Dionysus considers the greatest human achievement? Pac-Man

21. What is Smelly Gabe’s last name? Ugliano

22. What sort of creature tried to attack young Percy when he was taking a nap in daycare?Snake

23. Who was Zeus’ mother, who hid him from Kronos? Rhea

24. Chiron says there is a statue of what Greek mythological figure in Rockefeller Center?Prometheus

25. Who is the Greek lord of the dead? Hades

Surprisingly, no one seemed to mind the trivia. In fact, they actually liked it. Even the boy who didn’t read the book!

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duct tape swords for boys

I had planned some indoor active games like Medusa Freeze Tag but I shouldn’t have bothered. The boys had their own ideas of how to stay active.

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All in all, the book club was a success and fun was had by all. I heard that after the boys went home, they continued the duct tape crafts by making shields as well as more weapons. Next time I’ll have cardboard cut out for shields.

My advice for a Percy Jackson book club for little boys is not to get too fancy. The boys were perfectly happy with duct tape, spaghetti and trivia. In fact, they could have used more time for the craft had the aluminum foil held out. Note to self: next time, two rolls of foil!

As for the sword fighting … well, it IS part of the story! And luckily no one got hurt!


Percy Jackson and the Olympians Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-3) byRick Riordan

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lightning Thief, The Graphic Novel 

Click on image of book to view at Amazon or here for Barnes and Noble.

percy jackson book club for boys,

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  1. Alicia

    Wow. You are so lucky . I had my last birthday “PJ” themed but I was recovery from surgery so the good events were cancelled. Wish I could have gone to yours. It looks fantastic . You put a lot if effort in and it looked great.

  2. Jeanette Nyberg

    Maybe we can play Medusa freeze tag if I ever get to meet you IRL; that sounds fun…. so does this book club. Good thinking to throw out the trivia while they’re absorbed in sword-making!
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Artchoo is a Year Old!My Profile

  3. Shifra

    I really enjoyed this post. We jabber not gotten into Percy Jackson yet, but we’re going to start after getting these great ideas! Thanks!

  4. Shame about the Medusa tag, it sounds like fun. But I totally agree about needing to be guided by the kids – weapons and sword fights are so exciting! I’ll bet that’s one book the boy club guys never forget!
    Susan recently posted…Learning Activities for The Wrong BookMy Profile

  5. Dee

    Sounds great! If I weren’t leading scouts, I’d love to try something like this. Swords are always a big hit. We have that camo duct tape, only Dylan sees it at Minecraft tape!
    Dee recently posted…#Retrofit: A Week Oneish UpdateMy Profile

  6. oh looks fun! Seems boys of this age don’t need much structured play anymore. We had a birthday party last year, I had activities planed, but they went on play their self-invented games. Like the trivia questions. I will try some on my son.
    iGameMom recently posted…FREE App: Learn Programming with HopscotchMy Profile

  7. My son would LOVE this! I find that I plan activities for birthday parties, and the kids have their own ideas of how to have fun!
    maryanne recently posted…Creative Play Dough ArtMy Profile

  8. Rebecca from Here Come the Girls

    Just popping over to say I’ve featured this on the Sunday Showcase this week
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