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percy jackson book club for boys,

Percy Jackson Book Club for Boys

3rd Grade Book Club for Boys

We used Percy Jackson’s The Lightening Thief graphic novel for a book club for boys. I had big plans initially. Blue food. Lots of indoor games. Duct tape fun.

When the book club rolled around though, I was tired  with low energy so I ended up doing a very low key book club. No blue food. Spaghetti and meatballs delivered instead.

duct tape sword craft, duct tape and aluminum foil craft for boys,

The first thing we did was break out the duct tape which I had purchased at Staples a few weeks ago and squirreled away. I had a new roll of heavy duty aluminum foil, tape, copy paper, and scissors. Read more…

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Amazing Ukelele Virtuoso: Jake Shimbabukuro

With 11.7 million YouTube views, you must see this performance by Jake Shimabukuro, a ukulele virtuoso known for his complex finger work. Be sure to watch the last minute where Jake plays a pretty incredible sequence.

My husband gave found Jake on YouTube and my kids loved watching him play, especially my son who plays the guitar. My son then had his guitar teacher, a graduate student from the New England Conservatory, watch the video. His teacher had not heard of Jake but he was also impressed. He told us that Jake used Flamenco guitar techniques on the ukelele so, of course, my son wanted to try it himself.

The second video is instructional. Jake breaks down his fingering techniques. Though he’s very clear on how to do it and makes it look easy, it looks pretty difficult to emulate. Still, my son was inspired by Jake’s accessibility as a performer and watching him play makes my son play his guitar more. If Jake ever comes to Boston — he’s on tour now — we’d make a great effort to catch him.

What do you think of Jake? Did you ever imagine the ukelele could sound like that?

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free kindergarten readiness printable, my book about me free printable, free keepsake book about me for preschool

Kindergarten Readiness FREE Printable Book: My Book About Me

When my son was in preschool, I created this free Kindergarten readiness book for him. I printed it out, bound it into a 3 ring paper folder, and made a copy for each child in his class and the teachers had the kids work on it for a few months before preschool ended.

free kindergarten readiness printable, my book about me free printable, free keepsake book about me for preschool

It is both a keepsake book plus, having gone through the ropes with his two older sisters, a Kindergarten readiness book to capture all the academic concepts I thought he needed for Kindergarten:

  • Counting to 10
  • Bonus: counting to 10 in Spanish
  • Letters of the alphabet
  • Bonus: lower case alphabet
  • Days of the Week
  • Colors
  • Bonus: Counting to 100 (and even by 10’s!)

I included some drawing prompts too:

  • Self portrait
  • Favorite animal
  • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
  • Favorite Thing to Do At Preschool

You can download this FREE printable book: My Book About Me Read more…