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A Little Too Exciting Flying Trapeze Book Club for Kids

Does this not sounds like the most amazing book club for older kids ever? My Mom Friend Katherine and her daughter came up with this combo for our girls who are now in 5th grade. It would work for a range of ages from 9 on up though! I think it would also be really fun for a book club for boys too!

5th Grade Book Club for Girls: Trapeze School!

  • Chapter book The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester
  • Trapeze School field trip

PickyKidPix loves trapezing! Here she goes with a catch and release!

A Little Too Exciting: Book Club Starts with a Crash!

The field trip to the Trapeze School turned out to be very exciting when their car was rear ended during stop and go traffic on the highway. Luckily everyone was OK and another mom did a pinch hit to scoop up the girls to take them to the Trapeze School while the other mom had to deal with the police and the woman who rammed her.

Though they were 30 minutes late, the girls did not seem to miss much at Trapeze School. Swinging and catching stunts were performed by all. On the way home, wouldn’t you know it? My daughter, PickyKidPix, managed to stab herself in the eye … with a Pixy Stik. The poor mom whose car was rear ended just happens to be a nurse practitioner. As she drove them all home, her muffler off kilter from the accident, she told PickyKidPix, “After a car accident and death-defying trapezing, we are not going to let a mere Pixy Stik be the instrument that injures you!”

She was fine after her eye watered a bit.

Trapezing: Forget Fear. Worry About Addiction!

It was an exciting day. When PickyKidPix got home, she was hopping up and down with excitement.

“I have a new career goal. I want to be a trapeze person.”

“Sorry, I think you have to be born into a family who works at a circus to learn how to do that.”

“Why can’t you and dad learn to trapeze then?”

“Because we are afraid of heights.”

If PickyKidPix ever runs away from home, please remind me to check the circuses. And I better look into Cirque de Soleil tickets if it ever comes to Boston.

p.s. She loved the book too, though not until she hit the half way mark.


Trapeze Chapter Book for Kids

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

You just can’t keep a good girl down . . . unless you use the proper methods.
Piper McCloud can fly. Just like that. Easy as pie.
Sure, she hasn’t mastered reverse propulsion and her turns are kind of sloppy, but she’s real good at loop-the-loops.
Problem is, the good folk of Lowland County are afraid of Piper. And her ma’s at her wit’s end. So it seems only fitting that she leave her parents’ farm to attend a top-secret, maximum-security school for kids with exceptional abilities.
School is great at first with a bunch of new friends whose skills range from super-strength to super-genius. (Plus all the homemade apple pie she can eat!) But Piper is special, even among the special. And there are consequences.
Consequences too dire to talk about. Too crazy to consider. And too dangerous to ignore.
At turns exhilarating and terrifying, Victoria Forester’s debut novel has been praised by Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga, as “the oddest/sweetest mix of Little House on the Prairie and X-Men…Prepare to have your heart warmed.” The Girl Who Could Fly is an unforgettable story of defiance and courage about an irrepressible heroine who can, who will, who must . . . fly.
The Girl Who Could Fly is a 2009 Bank Street – Best Children’s Book of the Year.

And this book club is a field trip to …

Trapeze School New York Beantown at Jordan’s location North of Boston!!! I love their tagline: Forget Fear. Worry about Addiction! They were right about the addiction part. PickyKidPix is now plotting how to go there again. She wants us to shop for furniture and book a lesson for her while we shop.

trapeze school book club for kids, the girl who could fly book club

flying trapeze book club for kids, the girls who could fly book club, book club for boys, book club for girls, trapeze book club for kids

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By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. Alexandra

    Sounds like so much fun! I would be too scared to try it though, and I am not scared of heights…I am just scared of my own abilities being too down-to-earth to try such an extreme way of leisure time :)))
    Alexandra recently posted…Chores for kidsMy Profile

  2. Catherine Johnson

    Yikes, they do say things come in threes! What an adventure. I can’t think of a more exciting hobby than trapeze artist, it’s wonderful and I adore what your daughter thought of first about mom and dad starting Trapeze. What a great way of looking at it. That book sounds super too, I’ve pinned it.
    Catherine Johnson recently posted…Poetry Month Day 3 – TetheredMy Profile

    • Hi Catherine,
      The third accident was sort of funny though, don’t you think? My daughter said she was holding her pixie stick and then when someone was getting into the car, she sort of got jostled and stabbed herself in the eye with it. I was thinking, “Gad, not Pixie Sticks. I hate those things. They are pure sugar!” Probably, not the correct reaction.

      p.s. Thanks for pinning.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…A Little Too Exciting Flying Trapeze Book Club for KidsMy Profile

  3. Barbara Mojica

    This sounds like a great book for fifth graders! Kids that age just love to have exciting role models to look up to! That trip to the trapeze school was quite an adventure. A little too daring for me, but probably not for a ten year old.

  4. KC @ genxfinance

    Sounds like a good read and what so much fun for the children.
    KC recently posted…How to make money with your photography using FoapMy Profile

  5. Ann

    Oh my goodness! I have sweaty palms just watching that!

    It does look like there are plenty of safety measures in place and would be a very exciting reward for book completion! Great idea!!!
    Ann recently posted…Building LettersMy Profile

  6. I want to go to trapeze school! The book sounds great, and I am glad nobody was injured in the accident!
    Maryanne recently posted…Super Simple Easter EggsMy Profile

    • Thanks Maryanne,
      Katherine’s poor car was the victim but the girls all complained about sore necks for a few days after that. My daughter was in the way back and both the girls there probably felt it more. They all seem fine now though, thankfully! It would have to be a Pixie Stick that does the most damage. (Not to mention damage to her teeth from all that sugar!). Pixie Sticks are my least favorite candy as a mom letting her kids eat candy. I doubt chocolate would have injured her in the face!
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…A Little Too Exciting Flying Trapeze Book Club for KidsMy Profile

  7. I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am of your little girl going to trapeze school. Thanks so much for a great post and review. I have seen this book quite alot lately so thanks for bringing it to our attention and linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop.
    Take care

    Julie Grasso
    Julie Grasso recently posted…Kidlit blog hop 13: Charlie and LolaMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Julie! I really appreciate it! Trapeze school apparently IS addicting. The girls are now all plotting a return. I think someone is going to have a birthday party there soon, they loved it so much. My daughter keeps telling me to shop for furniture at the Jordan’s Furniture store but to sign her up first so that she can take a class while I shop. I am not in the furniture market right now, however, which is stymieing her plans.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…A Little Too Exciting Flying Trapeze Book Club for KidsMy Profile

  8. Jeanette Nyberg

    Trapeze sounds like one of those really fun things I would never ty in a million years. I don’t think Fen would, either, because she’s a fragile flower like I am, but I completely love that it is even offered. Aren’t you thrilled to have that video!? Love it.
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Our Two Favorite ABC AppsMy Profile

  9. What an awesome idea for a book club! (And I LOVED The Girl Who Could Fly!)
    Thanks for linking up to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    Katie recently posted…Kid Lit Blog Hop #13My Profile

  10. Can I join?! It should be called the most awesome totally cool best book club ever! These ideas really makes the books come to life. You are an awesome mom! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library.
    Tulip recently posted…The Ultimate Blog Party 2013My Profile

  11. Renee C.

    Oh, how fantastic and how fun! That sounds like it was a good time. We actually have a circus school close to where we live and lots of the kids from the neighbourhood partake in lessons. Who would have that? Thanks for sharing this in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂
    Renee C. recently posted…Spring Break Destination Revealed (and Gushed About)My Profile

  12. This is extreme! Quite an unusual thing for kids to try out but I think it would be extremely fun.

  13. Wow! What an absolutely fantastic Book Club idea! My daughter would be all over this. Hmmmm… my wheels are turning. Thanks for the awesome post!
    Cool Mom for Stanley and Katrina
    Hopping along on the Kid Lit Blog Hop
    Cool Mom recently posted…Picture Book Review: Officer Buckle and Gloria, 1996 Caldecott Medal WinnerMy Profile

    • Hi Cool Mom,
      The Trapeze School is in that Jordan’s Furniture store mall. I think it’s accessible to you too. Let me know if your daughter ends up there and if it’s for a book club for kids. Now the girls all want to go back so someone is going to book it as their birthday party. I guess Trapezing is addicting.
      Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Mexico Day Party Crafts for KidsMy Profile

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