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Spine Poetry Using Kids Books

100 Scope Notes might be the inventor of this form of poetry but I’m not sure. He has a gallery of Spine Poetry and invites everyone to join in. It’s a fun way to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

I find poetry to be intimidating. It reminds me of standardized tests, as in the case of my 5th grader, PickyKidPix, as well! The structure and forms of poetry leave me struggling to find the rhythm and rhyming of some poems. Even the punctuation confuses me. Do I pause of there is a line break but no punctuation??!

Composing Spine Poetry for National Poetry Month

So let us embrace poetry together. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours. I invite you to compose your own spine poem and let’s share! Together, we can conquer poetry together in baby steps.

No need to stress out. Just slap some picture book  or chapter book titles together and snap a photo on your smart phone. Please send it  to scopenotes (at) gmail (dot) com and he’ll post it.

See? It’s easy! And let’s get our kids to do one too! After I post mine, I’m going to chase my kids down after school.

This poem is for my little boy who still thinks potty humor is hilarious.

Ode to a Potty Training Little Boy

spine poetry, spine poems, poems using spines of books, poems using book titles


p.s. Here are more great Spine poems!

From Sandra Wilson:

Sandra Wilson spine poem

The kids in Margaret Ryan’s Class 5

The kids in Margaret Ryan’s Class 5A

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom


  1. What a great way to make poetry writing more accessible!
    Maryanne recently posted…Kumon Folding BooksMy Profile

  2. twisterfish

    Oh…. I love this idea! Creative and fun!

  3. Margaret Ryan

    I love the book spine poetry idea. I used it with my fifth grade classes as a way of having them locate books on various topics, create poems with the titles they pulled, reshelve the books, and create projects using the iMovie App. They read their poem and supplied the appropriate sound effects. I am in the process of getting them onto my website. They had a great time with the project.

  4. Mia this is awesome. If you can do it so can I lol. We will attempt but I am not sure what we will come up with. We will try to pop one in to our post office book review. Stay tuned after 90 links lol. Cheers Julie
    Julie Grasso recently posted…Kid Lit Blog Hop #14 Paw Prints On The Magic SofaMy Profile

  5. Renee C.

    Oh, how fun! I’ll see if I can get to this. Hmmm…the kids were just complaining a minute ago that they “don’t know what to do!” I wish I could EVER feel that way! lol Thanks for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂
    Renee C. recently posted…Book Review: Captain No Beard by Carole P. RomanMy Profile

  6. This idea is too clever. I have to try this with my daughters this week. We could probably come up with some funny ones! (Visiting via The Children’s Bookshelf link-up.)
    Danzel B. recently posted…Another Fairy Tale Book and Some Thoughts on FearMy Profile

  7. We did it, check out our blog post for Post Office Book Review link 81 on the blog hop, our Spine Poetry is at the end, hooray, we had so much fun doing it Mia, cheers Julie
    Julie Grasso recently posted…Kid Lit Blog Hop #14: Post Office Book Review #5 Blast From The PastMy Profile

  8. Alexandra

    That’s a wonderful idea – but currently all my books are in Polish or Russian – I don’t want you guys to break your tongues trying to pronounce the sounds! :))
    Alexandra recently posted…The energy this kid has…(a bit delayed Wordless Wednesday)My Profile

  9. Jeanette Nyberg

    This is so great! And you know I love potty humor. I think this will be Fen’s official homework assignment after school today.
    Jeanette Nyberg recently posted…Really Cool Gel Transfer ProjectMy Profile

  10. Margaret Ryan

    You are welcome to go to my web page. The link to the spine poetry will be on the iPad publications page when I get itfinished. I still have afew to upload to youtube, before I attach the link.

  11. Renee C.

    Ooh, good idea! 😉 Thank goodness the warm sunny weather is finally here – at least they are outside a lot more. 🙂
    Renee C. recently posted…Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes are a-comin’: Book reviews, promotion, and suchMy Profile

  12. What a great idea – and so much fun!

    We didn’t do a lot of poetry when I was in school. I think I will incorporate this into our homeschool.

    Thanks for the lovely ideas!
    Lisa Nelson recently posted…Time to go Paper Towel-lessMy Profile

  13. Margaret Ryan

    I finally got my projects loaded. The link is on my website – http://www.teacherweb.com/pa/saintephremschool/library – on the page iPad publications. I have them grouped together by the classrom numbers ( 5 and 5A). As with everything, some are better than others, but I can say that all of the kids had fun putting them together, and that was my purpose. You will notice that some of the spines have titles taped on to them. We are a working library. The kids made up the poems one week and by the time they went to take their pictures the following week, some of the books had been checked out. This was their solution.

  14. We just did this too. I love spine poems!
    Erica recently posted…Easy Poetry Activity for Kids: Spine PoemsMy Profile

  15. Ann

    This is such a clever fun idea.
    I just pulled out a bunch of board books going to give it a try!
    Ann recently posted…Wind/winMy Profile

  16. What a great concept! I’d never heard of it before – thanks for the introduction 🙂 Definitely going to do this with my girls.
    Marie-Claude Leroux recently posted…The Ballad of MulanMy Profile

  17. Cool idea! I kind of want to do this just for myself! 🙂
    Jessica recently posted…Exploring the Art of Steam Train, Dream Train (Part 1)My Profile

  18. This is a great idea! I want to try this with my kids, so that they will learn how to do poetry. Thanks

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