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40-Something Moms Learn to Box

Four 40-something moms and I started boxing at the beginning of the year. It was a New Year’s Resolution of sorts that quickly snowballed. My mom friend Penny wanted to learn to box after watching her older brother transform into a Cardassian-like humanoid with bulging Trapezius muscles from boxing in the Bronx.

My mom friend Stella wanted to return to pre-baby weight now that her 3 kids are in school. We needed our mom friend Katherine — she’s a nurse and game for any kind of exercise. Lydia missed karate. And I wanted to work on my self-defense.

What to do? Why start our own mom boxing class!

Middle Aged Boxing Moms How To’s

There are many kinds of boxing classes: aerobic boxing classes where you air punch found typically at health clubs, cardio boxing or kickboxing at a karate studio with a heavy bag per person, and actual boxing instruction.

Penny wanted to learn to box. Really box so I had to track down a boxing club with a good instructor. With the help of my Golden Gloves Dad friend Mike, we got all set up:

  • Boxing Gloves (Do NOT borrow from the Boxing Club. Eh, those are stinky!!)
  • Hand Wraps (Ditto for hand wraps. Plus, the wraps help protect your wrists and they are fun to put on .)
  • Boxing Teacher (Our guy Marc is training a female National boxing aspirant and several Golden Glove contenders.)

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Boxing Moms: Real Housewives of Newton?

Mike and our instructor Marc enjoyed a chuckle as we first started boxing calling us The Real Housewives of Newton. Hmpft! I guess a real boxing club doesn’t seem many middle age moms inclined to box. Still, we showed up. At first we went once a week. A second class was added. Then a third. Penny started going 5 times a week and Lydia 3! The fact is: boxing is addicting.

Now at week 12, the teasing has stopped, especially after we mastered this boxing exercise called Around the World. It uses four punches and 4 blocks in a continuous but asymmetrical pattern that scrambles your brain.

Boxing Promotes Healthy Eating Habits for Moms

After boxing, we typically to meet for coffee and a snack. Boxing makes us reach for healthy snacks like  Quaker®’s new Big Chewy Granola Bars. I’d eat more of them but they disappear at my house. My kids ate almost the entire box when it first arrived. I was lucky to get the last one. I’m happy that they are now at my supermarket.

fuel for boxing, mom and boxing, Quaker chewy granola bars,

Boxing is our epic adventure in our middle age. What’s yours?

I never know what my days will have in store for me and my family, so keeping Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bars on hand helps make sure we have the fuel necessary to get on with the day. Now the Quaker® Big Chewy Granola Bars have chocolate drizzled on top and are 60% bigger – perfect for my hungry family!

Share what activities you need fuel for everyday and see other stories on Everyday Health.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quaker®. The opinions and text are all mine.

By Mia Wenjen, PragmaticMom

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